Dr. Roy Bhikharie Publishes Article On World Sustainability With Cogent Social Sciences

Greed stimulates corruption, which promotes self-alienation, facilitates systemic failure, worsens inequality, and generates false pledges and divide-and-conquer policies. Despite the United Nations’ (UN) existence for much of a century, most countries continue to exploit and compete for cheap labor, causing poverty rates to climb. Most UN member states and other affiliated and international organizations have institutionalized bad governance, corporate abuse, and social injustice to benefit themselves, thus committing institutional crimes and aiding the global elite in a vicious conspiratorial cycle.

Leadership Decision Making in an Era of Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matured over the last years. We have entered an era of global business responsibility where a growing number of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) laws and regulations are pushing multinational corporations (MNCs) to ‘adapt or die’. This evolution appears to be based on two primary arguments. The first being the case for the long-term survival of our species: a compelling case, with an abundance of mounting environmental evidence to support it. The second is more subtle: a global shift in orientation towards ‘post-materialist values’, such as social justice, self-expression, and tolerance (Inglehart, 1997). This shift, recorded by social scientists since the 1970s, was largely driven by a younger population while their parents still cared for ‘materialist’ values such as financial success, security and individual achievements (Diermeier, 2022). The new context for doing business, is a situation numerous companies have embraced and some continue to reject. Many more may still be ‘on the fence’. Regardless, the evidence suggests that the strategic questions for business have moved on from understanding the need to change, to the realities of how it can, and should, be done (IBM Institute for Business Value, 2022).

BBA Registration For Sept 2023 Intake Now Open Full Scholarships Available

Set Your Future In Motion At Monarch Monarch is happy to announce that registration for the September 2023 Fully Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Management program is now open. Interested students may now submit their online application. 500 full scholarship positions are available. Monarch is proud to mention that through the generosity of …

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Regional Innovation System Resilience in Developing Countries: A Case Study Of Ukraine

A resilient region is seen as one that continues to prosper and maintain economic stability in the face of inevitable shocks and disruptions that occur over time (Christopherson et al., 2010, p. 134). The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities, leading to increased innovation and competitive advantage, make such regions more attractive to businesses and investors by providing a stable environment in which to invest and grow. And, particularly, innovation systems at different levels (Rose & Krausmann, 2013) such as scientific communities of national academies of sciences are seen as key to developing regional resilience.

Dr. Barosum Publishes Chapter on Effective Employee Onboarding

Monarch is proud to announce that Dr. Mirielle (Miray) Barsoum has contributed in the 2nd edition of the Global Innovative Forefront Talent Management (GIFT)- Research and Publications Book Series (vol.2) with a chapter on Effective Employee Onboarding. The chapter entails a novel model developed to enhance the onboarding experience of employees in organizations and improve …

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Prof. Ochis Published in AACSB Insights On The Multigenerational Workforce

Monarch is happy to announce that Professor Dr. Karina Ochis has been published in “Insights” the online magazine of AACSP accreditation agency.

The article highlights that a business�s long-term success depends on the willingness and ability of its employees to work effectively together. But today�s companies must manage four generations of employees: boomers and members of Generations X, Y, and Z. All four have different attitudes about work, careers, and personal commitment.

Leadership Culture As An Antecedent To Innovation: American Multinational Technology Subsidiaries In Ireland

Ireland is an innovation leader according to the Global Innovation Index, and is rated in the top ten consistently across all performance indicators since the report�s inception in 2007. Ireland�s economy is highly globalized (Brennan, 2022). According to the Irish Central Statistics Office, foreign direct investment comprises 288% of Ireland�s GDP1. In 2019, Ireland exceeded an unprecedented one trillion dollars of FDI. Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, FDI into Ireland rose incrementally by 71 billion euros in 2020, with the technology sector showing particular resilience. The year 2021 continued to see FDI inflows. According to the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Ireland remains an attractive location for multinational subsidiary operations despite raising its corporate tax rate from 12.5% to 15% in 2021. Ireland made this adjustment to align with the minimum European corporate tax rate proposed by the OECD as part of their inclusion framework. Ireland�s innovation capacity is cited as a critical strategic pillar attracting multinational investment. The United States is the largest investor in Ireland accounting for almost three-quarters of total FDI. Ireland�s overall innovation profile is healthy. However, studies concerning the understanding of contributing factors for this success appear limited.

Dr. Ntara Published by Emerald in the International Trade, Politics and Development Journal

Monarch Business School Switzerland is happy to announce that recent PhD graduate and faculty member, Dr. Caroline Ntara from Kenya, has published an article with the International Trade, Politics and Development Journal of Emerald Publishing. The article is entitled “The International Business Landscape: A look at paradigms, research gaps and new realities. The content of the article is a direct outcome of her dissertation work within the PhD program at Monarch.