The Monarch Digital Campus

The Monarch Digital Campus “MDC” is the central hub for all things digital at Monarch. It is also your passport to success in your program at Monarch. As a graduate research institute technology is key to the smooth development of research. Monarch has used digital technology as a driver for research success within its various programs since its inception.

The New Student Knowledge Base

For many students the first months can be daunting and is why Monarch has created the “New Student Knowledge Base” resource to aid in the onboarding of new candidates into the school and their program. The NSKB covers both practical knowledge of policies and procedures along with important first steps required in the program that must be completed by all new candidates. The NSKB ensures that the Candidate takes the first steps in to their Graduate or Doctoral program with confidence and assurance.

Research Resources & The Digital Library

The MDC is full with research resources to aid the Candidate in starting, creating and completing their own research. These include important texts from the digital library along with examples of authorized research from fellow candidates. By having all the research resources at hand and easily found the process of learning and developing one’s own research is simplified.

Through the Monarch Digital Campus candidates may access the Monarch Digital Library. The library contains access to important research texts, access to online digital journal databases such as: JStor and ProQuest along with links and access to important open research databases both in academia and business. All candidates have access to the digital repository of academic scholarship in order to assist them in their research.

The Monarch Wikis

Monarch provides candidates with access to the various wikis in order to assist them in their student and researcher roles. The Dissertation wiki in particular assist the Candidate in understanding the various steps and contents required within the process if completing a Dissertation. When stating a graduate or Doctoral program the thesis/dissertation process is typically opaque or a black box that the new student know little about. This is even more true for Business students many of whom might not have completed a thesis work in the past. Fear not ! The Dissertation Wiki is here to help. Candidates can read over a hundred entries explaining the steps, blockers, best practices of research that need to be considered along with description of the essential elements that need to be included in the final manuscripts.


Nobilis is the Learning Management System for all graduate programs at Monarch. On Nobilis candidates may enter their specific program modules and find the necessary exercises they need to complete in order to satisfy the requirements of their program. Nobilis was designed and created by Monarch from the ground-up as a bespoke platform to address the special education and research needs of graduate and doctoral research work. Nobilis facilitates your role as a candidate-researcher by making your LMS experience smooth and effortless.

Built on Nextcloud Technology the  Monarch Cloud is the individual space allocated on the Administration Server for the student. The Administration will place any important documents within this folder and the candidate may use the folder to in turn upload any files required by the administration in completion of their program. The Monarch Cloud provides the Candidate with a 1 GB drive. Candidates may also easily access their files from their mobile devices on Android or iPhone.

The backbone of the technology system at Monarch is Microsoft and the suite of MSOffice apps. These include: Outlook, Onedrive, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Teams, Sway. The intergration of the apps enables full productivity by the Candidate in conjunction with the Professors and Administrators. Office 365 is now the defacto online Office suite in business and it is important that Monarch enables Candidates to become experienced using these apps so that this knowledge and experience and be taken back to the professional world. These are real world collaboration skills to develop while at Monarch to increase your productivity and effectiveness in the professional arena.

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