Philosophical Orientation Of The School

“Monarch Business School believes that business skills and the research carried out by business students and faculty can be a factor for positive change in the world. At its core, this is the understanding that businesses can serve society for the greater good. From a business school perspective this means a critical re-evaluation of the role of business in society, a focus on personal ethics and values as a central criteria, and the development of new business models and frameworks for a more equitable and sustainable future.” 

Dr. Henderson, Dean of the School

In recent periods, particularly since the financial crisis of 2008 coupled with many examples of ethical lapses in the C-Suite and boardrooms of corporations, the need for new business models and understanding of the role of business in society has taken center stage. The main business perspective taught by most business schools over the previous decades that managers are amoral actors simply performing corporate duties with a disconnect to their own personal values or responsibility is no longer tenable. The cost of externalities, in the form of pollution, climate change, ill-health, technological encroachment, and societal level dysfunctions, are stark reminders that eventually the cost of all the factors of production are ultimately accounted for whether or not they are included on a corporate P&L or Balance Sheet. Encouragingly, business schools are attempting to address or revisit main assumptions underpinning the role of business in society in an attempt to create more equitable business models for all stakeholders involved.

As such, research candidates at Monarch are encouraged to take a more holistic and extended view of business issues and include a multi-disciplinarian perspective going beyond the classical business domains and disciplines. In this regard, graduate and doctoral candidates at Monarch are encouraged to view themselves and their candidate colleagues as social anthropologists. In short, businesses are communities of people and the study of people is by definition an anthropological pursuit. People act, learn and change and in like fashion businesses in society act, learn and change. Bringing greater clarity and understanding to the nuanced perspectives of business models, systems and the actors involved is the task of the business graduate and doctoral candidate through structured research and execution of academic and professional skills.

Research candidates at Monarch are encouraged to take a more holistic and extended view of business issues and include a multi-disciplinarian perspective going beyond the classical business domains and disciplines.

Monarch Business School Switzerland was formed in response to the need to take a more critical view of the role of business in society. In the curriculum and within research carried out by Faculty, Graduate and Doctoral candidates ethical imperatives are considered to be of paramount consideration. As an example, a study examining the level of cash compensation of corporate executives versus the profitability of their firms, one that would find interest in many business schools, is of no real value unless the social and ethical question is asked as to whether it is acceptable for one individual to be compensated +1000 times more than the average worker at their firm (note 1). This example becomes even more critical when considering the aforementioned externalities.

Central to the philosophical orientation of Monarch Business School is the belief that the underlying traditional skill-set held by business professionals coupled with critical academic perspectives can effect significant change within the larger business world and society in general. Business schools have been very successful in developing pragmatic management practitioners who are able to use their talents and skills to create positive change. These same skills and energy for change are required to further uncover and develop new roles for business in society as new generations of practitioners emerge and underlying assumptions are challenged and revised.

Business models will continue to change. The role of business in society will continue to change (note 2). Monarch Business School Switzerland encourages discourse from all stakeholders to critically address these changes in the hope to develop more equitable and sustainable business practices for the future.

The Mission Of Monarch

The mission of Monarch Business School Switzerland is to be a leader in applied education and research in management. In achieving this aim we strive to provide our students with the knowledge, skill and learning environment that enables the creation of core competencies for the advancement of their academic and business careers. Monarch Business School seeks to merge the rigours of academic training with the practicality of business insight to produce strong business and academic leaders that maintain a sustainable and ethically centered approach to competing in a globalized marketplace.

The Values Of The School

The value proposition of Monarch Business School (MBS) lies in its unique blend of flexibility, quality, relevance, and accessibility, which collectively differentiate it as a premier institution for business education. By offering programs that empower individuals to advance their careers, pursue their academic passions, and make meaningful contributions to society, MBS demonstrates its dedication to excellence, innovation, and social impact in the field of business education. The values of the school are those core ideas that form the nucleus of who we are and how we look at the world. Our values provide beacons on how to act and how to consider others within our everyday dealings. The values of the school are specifically identified as:

Equality of Opportunity Based on Merit

Academic Honesty


Academic Freedom

Social Responsibility

Academic Freedom

Monarch Business School believes that all members of the school whether they be a student, teacher or affiliate of The University are to be regarded as equal to all others regardless of creed, colour, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or age. That is, the school will be open to all.

The Motto Of The School

The Motto of the school in Latin is “Sola Virtus Nobilitat” translated into English as “Virtues Ennoble” in its short form, or in its long form as “Only Virtues May Make One Noble”. The Motto itself reflects the over reaching philosophical position of the school that each individual whether they be Professors, Students or Administrators must continually strive for the betterment of the person, continually improving the character through intellectual, physical and spiritual pursuits. The Motto also speaks to the need for each person to remain focused on the betterment of their own character in order to bring about the improvement of society and the community in general. Monarch Business School Switzerland believes that a better world may be obtained for all through an enlightened approach to business and commerce where the character of the individual remains the driving force.