The Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterflies are known for their annual migration of more than 4,800 kilometers. This migration takes them across several countries. The butterfly symbolizes many great traits that reflect the values of Monarch Business School and is why it is adopted as the emblem of the school. 


The arduous journey that the butterfly makes is symbolic of the academic journey that all our students and candidates face, especially those at the Doctoral level. The butterfly crosses several countries which is also reflective of the fact that Monarch Business School students must learn how to appreciate and operate in various cultures in order to be effective at the practice and science of management.


Naturally, the butterfly is know for transformation. Transformation is at the heart of any academic program and this fact is stressed at Monarch Business School. Students are expected to push themselves in their learning so that new perspectives and understandings are not simply reviewed but synthesized and integrated into a new personal congruence. Through transformation positive change can happen and that change can take you on a journey of incredible distance affecting not just you but also your surroundings and community. The symbol of the Monarch Butterfly emphasizes this basic facet of the programs offered at Monarch Business School.

Thank You To "Nova" For The Beautiful Documentary