Master of Professional Studies

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, adaptability and specialized knowledge are essential for success. Monarch Business School proudly presents the Master of Professional Studies program, tailored specifically for working professionals who hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or an equivalent qualification. Additionally, individuals who possess a Master’s degree from another domain are also encouraged to apply. At Monarch, our core mission is centered around skills building, and this program embodies that commitment. We recognize that professionals like you require flexible and relevant education to remain at the forefront of your industry. Our unique approach focuses on a case study methodology, where applicants delve into a managerial problem they’ve encountered in their current or past employment. This pedagogical framework fosters a reflective, hands-on, and practical learning experience. 

In the Master of Professional Studies program, you will embark on a transformative journey that combines cutting-edge business theories with practical, real-world application. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide you with the strategic insight, leadership abilities, and specialized knowledge necessary to not only advance your career but also make a meaningful impact in your chosen field. By examining a managerial problem from your own professional experience, you’ll gain practical insights and develop innovative solutions. Whether you aim to deepen your expertise in business administration or transition from another domain, Monarch Business School is your dedicated partner in achieving your professional goals. Join us in this exciting educational experience, where learning is not only informative but also reflective and hands-on, empowering you to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving global business environment.

As the Program Director of the Master of Professional Studies at Monarch Business School, I wholeheartedly encourage all prospective applicants to consider joining our transformative program. At Monarch, we have crafted a unique and innovative educational experience that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of working professionals like you. Our program is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about developing the skills, perspectives, and insights that will empower you to excel in your career and drive meaningful change in your organization. What sets our program apart is our unwavering commitment to practical, hands-on learning. We firmly believe that the best way to learn is by doing, which is why we emphasize a case study approach that allows you to tackle real-world managerial challenges from your own professional experience. This reflective learning process equips you with the tools to make an immediate impact in your workplace.

Whether you have a background in Business Administration or come from another field, our program is designed to be inclusive and adaptable. The program is ideal for those within or wishing to join management consulting, management coaching or enter the managerial level of their organization. We foster a dynamic and collaborative learning environment that encourages diverse perspectives and experiences. So, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business world, I invite you to join us at Monarch Business School and embark on this enriching educational journey.”

Dr. Donald York - Director of the Master of Professional Studies Program

Skills Based Learning

In the Master of Professional Studies program, our commitment to skills-based learning is at the heart of our educational approach. We believe that the best way to prepare professionals for success in the complex world of management is through practical, hands-on experiences. To illustrate this, we offer a glimpse into just three of the many possible case studies that our students can explore across various managerial domains. Whether you are specializing in General Management, Management Consulting, or Management Coaching, our program equips you with the skills and expertise needed to excel in your chosen field. These case studies are but a small sampling of the diverse and challenging real-world scenarios you will encounter during your journey with us, each designed to provide you with the practical knowledge and problem-solving capabilities essential for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

A case study for a General Management student might involve analyzing a manufacturing company’s transition to sustainable production methods. Students would examine the strategic decisions, operational changes, and leadership challenges faced during this transformation.

A Management Consulting student might work on a case involving a retail company seeking to optimize its supply chain. The case study would require students to identify bottlenecks, propose process improvements, and calculate potential cost savings.

In a Management Coaching scenario, students might examine a case where a mid-level manager is struggling with team dynamics and leadership challenges. The case study would focus on the coaching process, including assessments, goal setting, and techniques used to support the manager’s development.

Module Sequence & Progression

The candidate begins their journey of research by completing the research skills 1 and research skills 2 course which helps to lay the foundations for the understanding of the Monarch research methods at the graduate level. The research skills modules are followed by a 10-page research intent where the candidate, along with the support of the program advisor,  provides a roadmap for the case study along with a clear research objective and statement. Once the research intent is approved the candidate moves into the writing portion of the Master of Professional Studies thesis. There is no defense required for the Master of Professional Studies program and it is sufficient for the candidate to simply submit the thesis case study for evaluation upon completion. However, MProf candidates may opt to defend their thesis in committee (viva voce) at the next doctoral workshop in order to gain experience. This option is valuable for all candidates wishing to continue on to the doctoral level.

Completion Requirements

The fully online Master of Professional Studies program is designed around graduate research skills modules that introduce the practitioner to research concepts and the case study methodology used at Monarch. The program requires the completion of two research skills courses, a 10 to 15 page research plan, and the final M.A. thesis work.

Module Duration & Descriptions

The Master of Professional Studies Program is designed for working professionals who wish to complete a case study review of an experienced managerial problem. There is no group work in the program. There are no exams. There is no field work or interviewing required in the program as the MProf focuses on the integration of academic and professional material to the selected case study. Assessment in the MProf program is completed by way of the submission of the research intent and completed thesis. Candidates have a maximum of 36 months to complete the program.

Program Learning Objectives

The learning objectives align closely with the program’s emphasis on case study methodology and reflective learning, ensuring that students graduate with a strong skill set and the ability to effectively address complex, real-world business issues effectively.

Master Problem-Solving

Develop advanced problem-solving skills by thoroughly analyzing and dissecting real-world managerial problems, applying relevant theories, frameworks, and innovative solutions.

Enhance Decision-Making

Hone decision-making abilities by critically evaluating various options and their potential outcomes, considering ethical, economic, and social implications.

Applied Learning

Cultivate practical knowledge and hands-on experience through the application of learned concepts to real managerial challenges, resulting in actionable insights.

Effective Communication

Refine communication skills, both written and verbal, to articulate findings and recommendations clearly and persuasively to diverse stakeholders.

Reflective Practice

Encourage a culture of continuous improvement and learning by fostering self-reflection, self-awareness, and adaptability in the face of evolving managerial challenges.

Master of Professional Studies Modules

The Research Skills 1 module introduces the candidate to the important concepts of knowledge and how to evaluate research papers available through various academic networks. Research integrity, reliability and quality are the focus of the module. Upon completion of the module Candidates will be able to discern good quality research from poor.  Candidates will be able to examine a chosen piece of research and critique the research based on the chosen method and methodology and whether the research achieved its stated goals and aims. 

This module builds on the knowledge gained in the Research Skills 1 module and introduces the candidate to the Monarch Standard Research Method. For the purpose of the MProf the candidate will focus on the case study methodology.  The module emphasizes the use of phenomenological research methods as applied to business research. The module covers the important concepts of the application of the case study method to an experienced managerial problem and the synthesis of managerial take-aways and actionable items. 

The research intent focuses on the development of a 10 page overview that outlines the intended case study. The research intent is developed with the assistance of the program advisor to ensure quality completion and understanding of the necessary components required. Successful completion of the module is considered with the approval of the research intent by the Advisor.

The case study phase of the MProf  begins with the successful completion of the research intent. At this stage, the student continues the research portion of the program by following the authorized research intent. The MPROF research manuscript is begun and is divided into four distinct sections that are developed as an integrated whole: 1. Introduction and Background of the Problem, 2. Supporting Literature, 3. The Case Study 4. Synthesis and Summary. The MPROF manuscript is a scholarly yet professionally oriented piece of research that focuses on the praxis-applied aspect of the research. It should show a solid understanding of the applicable academic and professional material within the chosen domain along with an understanding of the case study methodology and its usefulness. Successful completion of the MPROF thesis concludes the program and prepares the candidate for further academic or applied research within  management or academia. The MPROF is the perfect stepping stone to the DBA or Doctor of Professional Studies programs.