Doctor of Professional Studies

The Doctor of Professional Studies program is designed to meet the requirements of high performing working professionals who wish to influence professional practice and contribute to new knowledge. The Doctor of Professional Studies program is open to all professional areas. The focus of the program is unique as it is tailored to the context of the candidate’s professional work environment and activities in combination with their own specific area of interest and expertise. During the program candidates will critically review their own contributions to knowledge made to establish further learning.

The Doctor of Professional Studies enables participants to combine their experiential learning from industry with academic research and analytical skills to present their contribution within an academic setting. The program seeks to highlight practical and applied industry knowledge through the lived experience of the researcher-practitioner by placing the candidate at the center of its unique and personalized study. The program recognizes the candidate’s contributions to, and influence made in their professional work environment, the creation of knowledge and applied practice of doctoral level activities.

The development of practical real-world solutions to industry challenges is the outcome of the program. Within the program the practitioner-researcher calls upon their own experience within industry and with the issue at hand as the starting point for the research. Candidates will perform a comprehensive individual critique of prior published works, develop new works, and derive further learning from the knowledge outcomes by placing their professional knowledge in a wider context.

Completion Requirements

The 3-year thesis-only Doctor of Professional Studies program is designed for the researcher-practitioner currently active within industry. Participants will complete a personal assessment of prior learning and develop an individual research plan centered on their own unique history learning objectives. The program concludes with the completion of the  Doctor of Professional Studies manuscript with and oral presentation to the evaluation committee.

Program Modules

The program is designed around the completion of a series of modules that assist the candidate in developing the necessary applied research skills essential for the successful completion of the program.

In this 3-month review of past learning experiences, you identify the capabilities, attributes, and authorities you bring into your program. You will compose a 5,000 word critically reflective report on your formal and informal learning to date. You will identify what makes you the coaching professional you are today. The review is retrospective and identifies why undertaking the doctorate is appropriate for you at your current stage in your professional development and what makes you equipped to undertake the research in your particular area of interest.
In this 3-month research skills module, you will broaden your research skills in order to critically evaluate, establish credibility and reject claims made by researchers, reports or other academic or non- academic sources. The application of these skills will allow for identifying problems and develop constructive research questions.
In this 3-month research orientation phase, you will compose a 15-page report in which you will reflect on essential questions revolving the academic area and managerial problem present within your coaching practice you wish to study, elaborating on the intended research methods and impact the project will have on academic theory and practice. This forms the foundation for your practice-based research project in your own work within your organization or workplace.
In this 3-month module you will then develop a 15-page detailed research proposal which will service as the basis for your research project to be undertaken within your professional working environment.

For the next 24 months you will undertake your research project at your work environment, resulting in the composition of a manuscript which will consider supporting literature relating to your research topic, the definition of the problem statement and the collection and analysis of data, resulting in conclusions and recommendations which aim to make a strategic impact to your organization and your professional work environment.

When your program professor is satisfied that your intended submission of the manuscript is likely to meet the requirements for the award of the doctorate, the manuscript may be submitted for examination. Upon acceptance of your manuscript, you will present your critique to an expert panel. With the successful completion of the examination, you will be awarded the Doctorate in Professional Studies.

Master-in-Passing - MProf / DProf

Candidates completing the Doctor of Professional Studies program will also be awarded the Master of Professional Studies as a Master-in-Passing award. The degree is automatically awarded upon successful completion of the Doctor of Professional Studies  program and no additional work is required.  A Master-in-Passing degree is also known as a Master degree earned en route and is considered equal to a terminal Master degree.

The Doctor of Professional Studies is an unique program that recognizes the important contribution of working professionals within industry. Many professionals already have a portfolio of work along that has made a contribution to the knowledge in their industry and can be officially recognized as such within academics. The DProf program enables the practitioner to highlight their contribution and place it within an academic setting thereby obtaining the recognition of their peers. This program opens up a pathway for recognition for many professionals which has remained unavailable in the past. It truly is an unique opportunity.”

Dr. Van Ostende - Director of the DProf Program

There were three main reasons why I chose Monarch for my Doctoral pathway, 1) their track record of application and grounding of research in today’s organisational life. 2) the opportunity to be part of an international virtual community of organisational practice. 3) the availability of a Doctorate in Professional Coaching. I’m happy to say that I feel well supported by a friendly, professional, accessible, purpose driven global community of scholars who are passionate about making a difference in their chosen fields.”

Jane Porter, Australia

I chose Monarch because the professors I  met at Monarch are role models for aspirant thought leaders like me. I have been very impressed by the care and consideration shown by every Monarch graduate and guide that I have had the privilege to deal with. The induction and the initial modules have been nothing short of inspiring so I am extremely happy that I chose Monarch for my doctorate. I am greatly looking forward to the learning journey ahead!”

Tim Wigham, United Kingdom

In directing three hotels in Austria I was uniquely interested in better understanding the mechanism behind vacancy optimization for better operation of the brand. I was able to use the vast amount of occupancy data on hand and my intimate knowledge of the industry to forge a new and  better algorithm. Monarch gave me the opportunity to complete a practical hands-on piece of research. It has changed our business.”

Dr. Gregor Hoch, Austria

Monarch Switzerland was an unexpected and very positive surprise. Not only was the initial contact very helpful, personal and supportive, questions were answered transparently and immediately which made the process of enrolling in the program very easy. Compared to other institutions, I felt recognized as a person – not just as a number. Being in touch with my personal mentor right from the beginning made me feel so reassured that starting this program was definitely the right choice. “

Tina Dyck, Germany