Monarch Research Database

The Monarch Research Database contains the research of Monarch Candidates and Professors. The database is searchable with links to download documents. Columns may be sorted and filtered. The live database feed is found at the bottom of this page. 

How To Search The Database

The database contains Monarch research from Professors, Candidates and Guest authors. The database will grow overtime as both newer and older documents are added to the database. The types of documents contained in the database include:

The database may be either SORTED at the column level similar to a spreadsheet, as shown above-right, or FILTERED for single or multi-factors using the 2 methods as shown below.

  1. Click The Down Arrow

You may search the database by first sorting the columns and then by choosing your sort criteria.

2. Choose The Sort

Filter Method #1 – Basic Filtering – Single Criteria

The first method to filter the database is useful if you simply wish to do a single factor filter.

First open the filter and choose “Add Filter”. Click the column name you wish to filter. Add in the sub-criteria. The filtered results will automatic show.

  1. Open The Filter

2. Choose “Add Filter”

3. Choose The Filter

4. Choose Filter Criteria

5. The Filter Results Are Shown

Filter Method #2 – Multiple Factor Seach

The second method to filter the database is useful if you wish to do a multi factor filter.

First open the filter and choose “Toggle Filter Bar”. Select the first filter and sub-criteria. Continue to add-in a second or third filter along with its sub-criteria. The list will dynamically update until you stop adding in filters.

1. Toggle The Filter Bar

2. Select The First Criteria

3. Select The Second Criteria

4. The Multi-Filter Results Are Shown

Live Database Search

The database feed below is live and may be sorted using the above mentioned techniques.

The results may be download into a CSV files by clicking the … (3 dot icon) to the right of the filter icon.

NOTE: The green  hyperlinks to the materials in the database found at the bottom of each record work best in “Chrome” and Microsoft “Edge” browsers. Firefox and Safari may not respond. In the latter cases you may copy the link and paste it manually in to the address bar of your browser.