Professional PhD

Your journey toward greater impact and influence in the business world starts here. At Monarch, we recognize that business people like you possess exceptional skill sets: the ability to manage limited resources, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a resolute results-oriented mindset. We understand that you are uniquely positioned to create positive change, not only within your organizations but also in society at large. That’s why we’ve designed the Professional PhD program – a thesis-only program tailored to unleash your potential for transformation.

In our business school, we firmly believe that business professionals hold the key to driving real social change. You are one of your most valuable assets, and your energy is a catalyst for meaningful progress. Through focused and dedicated business research, you have the power to make change a reality. As you embark on this program, you will delve deep into critical business and societal issues, exploring them from both theoretical and practical perspectives. By doing so, you open doors to a world of possibilities, from executive leadership roles in industry to esteemed positions within academia, think tanks, NGOs/CSOs organizations, government agencies, and even board memberships. 

What defines our program is a shared aspiration to create a better world through a harmonious blend of theoretical knowledge and applied business research. Join us in your quest to effect real change, to make the world a better place, and to leave a lasting legacy in the dynamic realm of business and society. Your journey toward becoming a catalyst for positive change starts here. Welcome to the Professional PhD program at Monarch Business School. 

Completion Requirements

The 3-year accelerated thesis-only Professional PhD program is designed for working professionals. The structure and knowledge gained is directed at returning professionals to the academic environment who wish to develop their research skills while maintaining a professional orientation. Candidates will cover research methods modules along with the preparation and approval of the Ph.D. research proposal. The program concludes with the completion of the  dissertation and oral defense. Candidates may also follow the program on the standard  5 year study plan.

Program Modules

The program is designed around the completion of a series of modules that assist the candidate in developing the necessary academic research skills essential for the successful completion of the program.

Understanding where to obtain appropriate research information and establishing the quality of that information and data is critical to the successful completion the doctoral research. In this module candidates develop the necessary knowledge to be a skilled researcher that may quickly find and evaluate materials from a variety of sources.

This module is a follow up to the Research Skills course. The module focuses on the Monarch Standard Research Method and steps to be followed in completing standardized research at Monarch. The purpose of the module is to prepare students to complete social science research using the Monarch Standard Research Method and to fully comprehend the reasons behind the usage of the model. 

This module assist the candidate in fashioning and perfecting the 25-page research proposal that illustrates the focus, supporting reasoning and research methodology and steps that will be followed.

The final component of the program includes the development of the PhD dissertation.

Master-in-Passing - MPhil / PhD

Candidates completing the Professional PhD program will also be awarded the Master in Philosophy in Business Research as a Master-in-Passing award. The degree is automatically awarded upon successful completion of the PhD program and no additional work is required.  A Master-in-Passing degree is also known as a Master degree earned en route and is considered equal to a terminal Master degree.

Dual Degree - PhD / DBA or PhD / DOL Combined Program

Candidates completing the Dual PhD / DBA  or Dual PhD / DOL Combined programs will be awarded both the PhD and DBA or DOL  as separate degrees.  They will also receive the M.Phil. in Business Research (Master-in-Passing) degree at the time of successful completion of the program. The combined program requires that the Candidate address both theory development within the requirements of the PhD as well as Praxis application within the requirements of the  DBA or DOL. Successful completion is considered when theory and praxis are integrated into a coherent whole and provide a deep and developed understanding of the research.