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To submit your application to the Bachelor program, please complete the official application form below and select the “Submit” button.

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- Instructions On Completing The BBA Scholarship Form -

For those applicants requesting the Monarch Full scholarship please take note of the below.

As the scholarship applicant you must understand that you are completing a form to obtain a Tuition-free scholarship from a Swiss Business School. Thus, you must approach the completion of the form with the utmost seriousness. If any of the information is not completed correctly your form will be rejected out-of-hand. There is a limited number of scholarships available and poorly completed forms will be discarded. Some reasons why your form may be rejected:

      1. You have not provided proper information in the fields. All fields must be filled in correctly.
      2. You have not completed the long-form essay answer questions. All long-form essay questions must be completed.
      3. You have copy and pasted the same response into other responses. You must provide unique responses for each question.
      4. You have not responded to the question being asked and have included information or a response that is not appropriate. You must answer the specific question.
      5. You have copied and pasted responses from other applications to other institutions into this form. You must respond to the questions relating to the scholarship being offered by Monarch.
      6. You indicate that you wish to study on-campus. This scholarship is for online studies only.
      7. You indicate a program other than the BBA in your response, such as the MBA. This scholarship is for the online BBA program only. 
      8. You indicate your desire to study at a differently named institution or a different country. This application is only for Monarch Business School for its online BBA program.
      9. You do not attached the required documents. All application should include the appropriate attachments.
      10. You have used a response template or AI generated response (ChatGPT). All submissions are screened for templated responses or AI generated responses. Templated and AI generated responses are rejected out-of-hand. You must use your own words and ideas and demonstrate your ability to express yourself in the written language.

Receiving a full scholarship from a school is a life altering event and you must take the submission of the form seriously. If for any reason the admission and scholarship committee believe that the application is not being made in good faith then it will be rejected.

The aim of the scholarship form is so that the Scholarship committee may get an understanding of your life situation and your character and decide if the resources available will be best allocated to you in comparison to other applicants. Thus, you must make a convincing argument as to why you should receive the scholarship.

Make sure that you take the time to respond to the questions in an intelligent and mindful way. 

Best of luck,
The Monarch Scholarship Admission Committee

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