Executive MBA in Global Management

Your path to achieving greater success in the dynamic world of business management begins right here. The Monarch Executive MBA in Global Management is a cutting-edge program meticulously designed with your needs in mind, offering a flexible, fully online MBA experience that allows you to continue working while you learn. This program empowers you to progress at your own pace, module by module, providing the flexibility you require as a working professional. At the heart of our MBA is a relentless focus on global management, equipping you with the skills and insights needed to excel in today’s interconnected business world. 

Our program harnesses the power of blended learning, combining the latest management scholarship with real-world case studies and opportunities for individual reflection. Success in our MBA isn’t measured solely by academic achievements; it’s defined by your enhanced managerial performance and effectiveness in your existing workplace. We understand that you’re not just here to learn; you’re here to thrive in your career. Our curriculum covers the essential topics necessary for applied management and the practicing manager. You’ll delve into contemporary themes such as Communication, Authentic Leadership, Crisis Management, Judgement & Decision Making, Teamwork, Production Management, CSR & Ethics, Marketing Strategy, Innovation, and Global Strategy.

Join us in the Monarch Executive MBA program, where your ambition meets our expertise to propel you towards leadership excellence. You’ll acquire the skills and knowledge to navigate the complex challenges of modern business and make a tangible impact in your organization. Welcome to a transformative journey that promises not only personal growth but also the empowerment to excel in the ever-evolving world of business management.”

The Monarch 12-month, Executive MBA program is truly innovative in structure. Many working professionals are prevented from following MBA studies due to the requirement to be within an on-campus cohort. The Monarch Executive MBA is fully online and the asynchronous nature of the study enables Candidates to participate  from anywhere at anytime as long as they have an internet connection. With the ability to take breaks between modules and progress within modules at your own speed there is really no other MBA program available that reaches the flexibility of what Monarch has to offer.

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson - Dean of Monarch

Module Sequence & Progression

The program contain 10 modules based on specific learning around important managerial knowledge domains. The program is capped with a Global Strategy module. Participants begin with the first module of Effective Communication and move sequentially through the curriculum. Modules are of varying duration which creates the opportunity for quick progression between modules.

Completion Requirements

The 12 month, fully online Executive MBA in Global Management program is designed around varying length modules that introduce managerial concepts using different leaning methods and approaches. This maintains a high interest level and improves the retention of the material.

Module Duration & Descriptions

The 12 month, fully online Executive MBA is designed for working professionals. The structure and knowledge gained is directed at mid-level managers presently active or seeking to enter the professional arena. Graduation from the program requires the successful completion of all modules. There is no thesis component, or group work in the program. There are no exams as assessment is completed by various types of assignments and short essays. Candidates have a maximum of 36 months to complete the program.

This 3 week module provides candidates with a better understanding of the various aspects of Business Communications. The course objectives are achieved through a focus on Writing, Non-Verbal Communication and Speaking and Presentation Skills. Furthermore, it is crucial for managers to understand the importance of communication as it incorporates lessons learned across a wide spectrum of human knowledge.

This 6 week module provides candidates with a better understanding of the various aspects of modern-day Management Essentials. The course will focus learning on practical applications of modern management techniques. The course objectives are achieved through written assignments. Upon completion of this module, you will be able to effectively utilize corporate assets to achieve success.

This 3 week module presents candidates with a self-analysis in order to develop and apply personal strengths to effectively lead others in an organizational setting. The candidate will also learn why and how leadership competencies are important in achieving organizational success. The module follows the Monarch Personal Developmental Model of Learning (MPDML). The MPDML places emphasis on critical thinking and reflective practice for candidates to be held accountable for demonstrating leadership, applying  and actively participating within their own development. 

This 2 week module presents candidates with an overview of the critical aspects and concepts of crisis management. Crisis Management crosses the boundaries of multiple management domains (communication theory, corporate strategy, marketing, business law, organizational behaviour, change management, psychology, and leadership) and is a critical skill required of managers, particularly those at senior ranks. Being able to adequately contain and manage a crisis without making major errors in communication takes planning and a high level understanding of the situation, the organization, its environment and stakeholders. Being able to manage a crisis situation and turn it in to a positive for the company is the ideal outcome.  The understanding that legal responsibility must be considered in relation to moral and ethical responsibility is of critical importance. Theory and module knowledge will be demonstrated through the analysis of a Monarch Crisis Management Case Study.

This 3-week course is designed to examine issues surrounding judgment and decision making (JDM) in an accounting setting. JDM considerations are found throughout all accounting environments and require a synthesis of both psychology and accounting literature and research. Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting is structured around an innovative framework that provides a unique way of thinking about JDM projects and organizing JDM research. Developed based on many years of teaching and research on accounting JDM, this unique framework succinctly describes the key issues in accounting JDM research, enabling readers to more quickly assimilate the vast material related to those issues. The framework also provides a basis to help readers evaluate their own current JDM research ideas, as well as generate further research questions.

This 3 week module provides candidates with a better understanding of group dynamics, leadership and facilitation of groups and teams of the future. The course objectives are achieved through a focus on group stages and development, theoretical orientations of group dynamics, group leadership and counselling theories and applicable instruments. Furthermore, it is crucial for practicing managers to comprehend the means of managing teams, the different types of personalities in teams as well as to take note of possible biases, groupthink and decision-making mechanisms. The present course also introduces the management of remote teams, virtual teams and self-managed teams.

This 4-week Production Management course is designed to introduce a student to the issues and approaches of managerial decision making that is critical to the success of a business operation. The course is structured to demonstrate a logical and rational development of the methods, models, and techniques of efficient and effective management of aspects of the production and delivery of manufactured and service products consistent with objective of achieving competitive advantage in a global environment. The topics covered in this course include strategy, product design, quality management and control, inventory management, lean and agile production, supply chain management, forecasting capacity management, aggregate planning, resource management, and other relevant areas, to enable a future manager or entrepreneur to make effective and competitive decisions for business success.

This 3 week module provides a contemporary perspective about the effect that the growing CSR, Sustainability and Ethics movement in business has on corporate performance and the unpredictable influences that outside forces have on the enterprise. The course examines the role that ethics have on business leaders and corporate cultures and the steps necessary to deal with alterations in the business environment and society. It also touches on transformation of CSR into social innovation.

This 4 week course is designed to prepare working professionals with the required skills to create effective marketing strategies necessary for increasing their business’s competitiveness. The focus of the course is unique as you will apply new knowledge directly in your professional work environment. The course provides a framework for analysis of the industry, the market, and the competitive environments in which the business operates, as well as evaluation of the internal company competencies and resources necessary for creating competitive value propositions for the business. It presents a guideline for setting strategic marketing objectives and aligning them with overall company goals and mission. It proposes a model for proper market segmentation, selection of effective target segments, and an understanding of target consumer needs, behavior and decision making journey. It covers the tactical details of creating an effective marketing mix and the actions required to implement the designed strategy. Finally, it offers a performance optimization technique to monitor the effectiveness of the set strategy and activities implemented to ensure higher return on marketing investment and further improvement of goal achievement.
This 3 week module addresses the intersect of innovation and change within the enterprise. The module addresses social and organization change and how these affect leadership. The critical aspect of how knowledge and experience are converted into processes of innovation are addressed as well as how a culture of innovation may be fostered within an organization. Innovation and change are part of business strategy. Accordingly, the module also covers key strategic tools such as Porter’s Five Forces model, The Balanced Scorecard, and Blue Ocean Strategy. Students will work within a framework of thinking critically about these models.

This 6 week module is designed to enable students to analyze business situations from the point of view of the general manager, but more specifically with know-how understanding and confidence, to properly address the strategy of Management. Managers have responsibility for making strategic decisions and ensuring the long-term health of the entire firm or major division. The key tasks involved in general management include the detection of and adaptation to environmental change, the procurement and allocation of critical resources, the integration of activities across sub-parts of the organization, and, at the most senior levels, the determination of corporate purpose and direction. This module will also specifically focus on the role of change, its variables and deliverables and its intrinsic force to delegate and empower the entire concept of Management. The course makes use of an in-depth, multi-submission case study in order to provide an applied, hands-on application of strategy theory.

Dual Degree Option - MBA / MSc

The fully online Executive MBA in Global Management program may be extended to include an additional 6 months thesis period  for the supplementary award of Master of Science (MSc) in Administration. The thesis represents an academic examination of a business problem from a theoretical perspective. It seeks to review existing theories and models to determine the best fit solution of a management problem facing contemporary business. Please click here to visit the Dual MBA /MSc Program page..Click Here

I found the MBA program to be interesting and challenging. The professors and staff stayed with me through the entire program giving me added motivation. I really appreciated this. Also, I was able to take my time through the program, even though I made slower progress, I was able to ultimately complete the program. This helped me tremendously.”

MBA Graduate, Christant Munyao, Rwanda

The Monarch MBA program suited me very well. I required a fully online program which had a a lot of flexibility. I found that at Monarch. The content of the program was interesting and I leaned a lot that I now bring forward in career. The experience was rewarding and as a result I continue with Monarch as a representative within the Alumni Association.”

MBA Graduate, Amal Jawad, Canada