Doctor of Leadership

The Doctor of Leadership is a thesis-only program specifically formulated to support high achieving professionals who wish to study a leadership problem through action research. The Doctor of Leadership program focuses on the further development of communication, leadership and personal leadership mastery skills for practicing managers. The Doctor of Leadership program provides a research-based approach to leadership and is designed for the action-oriented professional looking to provide real world solutions to leadership problems facing their organization.

Participants in the Doctor of Leadership program wish to bring their years of leadership and coaching knowledge and educational background to solve an existing  leadership/followership issue using a structured, research-based methodology. The ability to successfully lead and foster followership is  a core and critical skill required within all organizations. Success requires the development of a  set of actionable deliverables that managers can use within their own practice of leadership and coaching. Personal development along a leadership continuum is key to creating a high performing organizational teams.

You will develop the necessary skills to assess a current leadership problem, evaluate the existing knowledge base, synthesize collected data, make recommendations, create best-practices and provide action items to effect positive change in your organization. Participants are leaders and coaches within corporations, non-profits, government and consulting firms.

Completion Requirements

The 3-year accelerated thesis-only Doctor of Leadership program is designed for working professionals wishing to improve their leadership and coaching capacity who currently hold an Bachelor or Master of Leadership or equivalent. Participants will complete a Research Skills module, develop a Research Intent Plan followed by the research phase of the program. The program concludes with the completion of the  Doctor of Leadership manuscript with an oral presentation to the evaluation committee. Candidates may also follow the program under the 5 year “Standard” study plan.

Program Modules

The program is designed around the completion of a series of modules that assist the candidate in developing the necessary applied research skills essential for the successful completion of the program.

The program begins with the explanation and understanding as to where one obtains appropriate research information. Skills are developed around the ability to find, assess, and determine the quality of information to be used in the completion of the research. In this module candidates develop the necessary knowledge to be a skilled researcher that may quickly find and evaluate materials from a variety of sources.

This module assist the candidate in completing the Action-oriented research plan that defines the managerial problem, supporting knowledge base, data sources, research method, deliverables and outcomes. 

This module focuses on the completion of the Doctor of Leadership manuscript. The manuscript document illustrates the leadership problem at hand, provides a quantification of the cost of the problem to both a specific company as well as industry as a whole, examines the existing knowledge base, illustrates the data collection and analysis method employed, synthesizes the results to ultimately arrive at actionable leadership recommendations and best-practices. For better understanding and implementation the research may highlight new practical frameworks or models.

The manuscript is presented to the Evaluation Committee. The Committee members take on the role of an Executive Board evaluating the merits of the recommendations and action plans put forward by the candidate with respect to the stated leadership issue in their capacity as an expert leader, executive coach or managerial consultant.

Dual Degree - PhD / DOL Combined Program

Candidates completing the Dual PhD / DOL Combined program will be awarded both the PhD and DOL as separate degrees.  They will also receive the M.Phil. in Business Research (Master-in-Passing) degree at the time of successful completion of the program. The combined program requires that the Candidate address both theory development within the requirements of the PhD as well as Praxis application within the requirements of the  DOL. Successful completion is considered when theory and praxis are integrated into a coherent whole and provide a deep and developed understanding of the research.

Master-in-Passing - MPhil / DOL

Candidates completing the Doctor of Leadership program will also be awarded the Master of Philosophy in Leadership as a Master-in-Passing award. The degree is automatically awarded upon successful completion of the Doctor of Leadership  program and no additional work is required.  A Master-in-Passing degree is also known as a Master degree earned en route and is considered equal to a terminal Master degree.

It is imperative for today’s leaders to be human, open, engaged and develop meaning-making abilities through reflective practice. These characteristics are essential for guiding transformation through togetherness to build a more humane and socially just society on a global level. Leadership is the key to fostering high performance teams from which increased competitiveness and innovation can flourish. At the heart of every successful and socially responsible organization is high quality, ethical leadership.

Dr. York - Dean of Student Development & Professor of Leadership

The Monarch leadership program has changed my life, in as much as it strikes the perfect balance of being challenging, flexible and rewarding. I find the reading material relevant which often allows me to view leadership from a different and deeper perspective. Also, the program has filtered through to my professional work where I pass on knowledge learnt to my clients. Personally, I have improved in my reading, analytical thinking, writing, planning and gathering of vast materials. The leadership program has and still is helping me to grow to be a better version of myself.”

Candidate Kerstin Jatho, South Africa

The Monarch Leadership program was a perfect fit for me. It enabled me to look at  my inate leadership capacities and improve upon myself and the way I interact with others around me. The Monarch experience also improved my academic writing standards, with this I was able to move forward to a post-doctorate program at the University of Montreal. The Monarch Doctoral program taught the essential skills needed for effective research in social studies, it remains an essential part of my scholarship journey.”

Dr. Linda Moyo, South Africa