Master of Arts in Business Research

Are you ready to embark on a transformative academic journey that will elevate your research skills to the next level? Welcome to our Master of Arts in Business Research program, a gateway to mastering the relevant scholarly literature and becoming a proficient researcher in the field of business. In today’s highly competitive academic and professional landscape, the ability to conduct rigorous, evidence-based research is a prized skill. Whether you aspire to pursue a Ph.D., excel in your current career, or simply thirst for a deeper understanding of business dynamics, our program is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities. 

At the heart of our program lies a profound commitment to nurturing your research capabilities. You’ll delve into the intricacies of business literature, learning how to critically analyze, synthesize, and contribute to the ongoing scholarly discourse. Our dedicated faculty, renowned for their research prowess, will guide you through this transformative journey. You’ll master research methodologies, quantitative and qualitative techniques, and gain practical experience by conducting your own research projects. The Master of Arts in Business Research is not just a program; it’s a catalyst for your academic and professional growth. Join us, and let your passion for knowledge and discovery drive your success in the dynamic world of business research.

The MA in Business Research program provides an unique opportunity for Candidates to obtain the research skills and expertise within a chosen field and to take that knowledge into the business and consulting fields. The program enables the candidate to shine as a business researcher by demonstrating their applied and theoretical research skills within both academia and the professional world within a specific study domain of their choosing. The program gives the candidate the foundational skills to quickly transition into the professional business and consulting world at a high level.

Dr. Donald York - Director of the M.A. in Business Research Programs

Module Sequence & Progression

The candidate begins their journey of research by completing the research skills 1 and research skills 2 course which helps to lay the foundations for the understanding of research methods at the graduate level. The research skills modules are followed by the research plan perfecting module where the candidate will fashion a 10 to 15 pages research plan in cooperation with the supervisor of the program to provide a roadmap for the contemplated research along with a clear research objective and statement. Once the research plan is approved the candidate moves into the writing portion of the thesis stage and completes the manuscript. There is no defense for the MA in Business Research and it is sufficient for the candidate to simply submit the thesis for evaluation upon completion. However, MA candidates may opt to defend their thesis in committee (viva voce) at the next doctoral workshop in order to gain valuable experience. This option is valuable for all candidates wishing to continue on to the doctoral level.

Completion Requirements

The fully online MA in Business Research program is designed around research skills modules that introduce the graduate student to research concepts, in particular literature research methodologies. The program requires the completion of two research skills courses, a 10 to 15 page research plan, and the final M.A. thesis work.

Module Duration & Descriptions

The M.A. in Business Research is designed for working professionals who wish to complete an integrated review of the scholarly material within a study domain. There is no group work in the program. There are no exams. There is no field work or interviewing required in the program as the MA focuses on the integration of scholarly material. Assessment in the M.A. program is completed by way of the submission of the research plan and final thesis manuscript. Candidates have a maximum of 36 months to complete the program.

M.A. Modules

The Research Skills 1 module introduces the candidate to the important concepts of knowledge and how to evaluate research papers available through various academic networks. Research integrity, reliability and quality are the focus of the module. Upon completion of the module Candidates will be able to discern good quality research from poor.  Candidates will be able to examine a chosen piece of research and critique the research based on the chosen method and methodology and whether the research achieved its stated goals and aims. 

This module builds on the knowledge gained in the Research Skills 1 module and introduces the candidate to the Monarch Standard Research Method. The candidate will further investigate the important differences between quantitative and qualitative research and their appropriateness for specific applications within business research. The module emphasizes the use of phenomenological research methods as applied to business research. The module covers the important concepts of Literature and Methodological triangulation and its importance in ensuring greater reliability of research results. At the completion of the module the candidate will be able to design a piece of research and execute the field research component to the satisfaction of a graduate level requirement. 

The research plan module focuses on the development of a 10 to 15 page research plan that outlines the intended research to be carried-out by the candidate. The research plan is developed with the assistance of the professor to ensure quality completion and understanding of the necessary components required of a graduate level academic research plan in business studies. Successful completion of the module is considered with the approval of the research plan by the Administration and the continuation of the program into the research phase.

The research phase of the M.A portion begins with the successful completion of the research plan module. At this stage, the candidate continues the research portion of the program by executing the authorized research plan. The MA research manuscript is begun and is divided into four distinct sections that are developed as an integrated whole: 1. Introduction and Background of the Problem, 2. Literature Review and Critique, 3. Methodology 4. Synthesis and Summary. The M.A. manuscript is a scholarly piece of research that focuses on the scholarship within the chosen domain of study. It should show mastery of the scholarly literature within the chosen domain and an understanding of graduate literature research methodology. Successful completion of the M.A. manuscript concludes the program and prepares the candidate for further academic or applied research within  management or academia. The M.A. in Business Research is the perfect stepping stone to the PhD in Business Research or the Doctor of Social Science.