Doctor of Social Science​

Your quest for a deeper understanding of the complex, interconnected world of social science begins right here. The Doctor of Social Science (D.Soc.Sci.) program is meticulously designed to meet the needs of individuals like you who seek to explore their field of interest from a multidisciplinary perspective, harnessing transdisciplinary frameworks and models. We understand that your career journey demands a broader outlook, especially in the realm of business and society. While business resides firmly within the social sciences, it often overlooks vital anthropological aspects. Our D.Soc.Sci. program is dedicated to broadening your perspective by incorporating insights and considerations from diverse fields, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, economics, politics, and ethics. Throughout the program, we weave essential themes of social justice, equity, and sustainability into your research, offering a holistic approach to complex global challenges. 

Participants in the Doctor of Social Science program, including professionals from various domains, are united by their commitment to transcending traditional boundaries. They recognize the importance of connecting overarching issues to bring about fresh insights and tangible solutions to real-world problems. Our diverse cohort includes policy analysts, NGO-IGO directors, C-suite executives, think tank members, academics, journalists, historians, and global business strategy analysts. Joining this program means becoming part of a vibrant community dedicated to effecting meaningful change, fostering innovative solutions, and reshaping the world we live in.

Welcome to the Doctor of Social Science program, where your passion for knowledge, your dedication to interdisciplinary thinking, and your desire to address global challenges will find a home. Join us, and let’s embark on this enlightening journey together, making a profound impact on the world through an unique perspective and expertise.”

Completion Requirements

The 3-year accelerated thesis-only Doc.Soc.Sci.  program is designed for working professionals that operate at a multidisciplinary level. The structure and knowledge gained is directed at policy makers to develop research skills to effect positive change across institutional boundaries . Candidates will cover research methods modules, critical thinking coursework along with the preparation and approval of the Doc.Soc.Sci. research proposal. The program concludes with the completion of the manuscript and oral defense. Candidtes may also complete the program under the 5 year Standard study plan.

Program Modules

The program is designed around the completion of a series of modules that assist the candidate in developing the necessary academic research skills essential for the successful completion of the program.

Understanding where to obtain appropriate research information and establishing the quality of that information and data is critical to the successful completion the doctoral research. In this module candidates develop the necessary knowledge to be a skilled researcher that may quickly find and evaluate materials from a variety of sources.

The candidate is introduced to mixed methods research for social science. Both quantitative and qualitatives research methods are covered.

This module assist the candidate in fashioning and perfecting the 25-page research proposal that illustrates the focus, supporting reasoning and research methodology and steps that will be followed.

The final component of the program includes the development of the Doc.Soc.Sci. research manuscript.

Master-in-Passing - MPhil / DSS

Candidates completing the Doctor of Social Science program will also be awarded the Master in Philosophy in Business Research as a Master-in-Passing award. The degree is automatically awarded upon successful completion of the DSS program and no additional work is required.  A Master-in-Passing degree is also known as a Master degree earned en route and is considered equal to a terminal Master degree.

The Doctor of Social Science is developed to engage lateral thinkers to investigate and consider global issues and problems facing business, society and the global commons from a long-term sustainable view. The Monarch Doctor of Social Science program is unique as it focuses on solutions that look beyond the traditional domains of business studies. The interdisciplinary design of the program enables the researcher to truly consider aspects of issues and problems from an integrated view bringing to bear unique perspectives and understanding.

Dr. Henderson - Dean of the School

The Doctor of Social Science was an appropriate choice for me as I have been interested in politics and social movements across history for most of my academic life. The Doc. Soc. Sci. is a natural extension of my MA from University College London. 

Chris Coles, Canada

Biosafety and Biotechnology are critical issues affecting all societies, especially within Africa. The Doc. Soc. Sci. provides me the opportunity to study the impacts of policy across nations and develop solutions that will make a real change within the international community.

Jean Kebere, Burkina Faso