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Before submitting your application please ensure that you have consulted the tuition fee schedule and that the tuition fee amount is in line with your expectations. Please view the information concerning program requirements and available scholarships below. 

Program Requirements & Scholarship Information

Bachelor Program

Entrance to the Bachelor program requires a high school diploma. Monarch provides 100% Scholarship towards the BBA program through the generosity of the Monarch Alumni Association. The scholarships are limited in number so it is best to submit your application as early as possible. The Bachelor Program application form may be found here.

Master & Doctoral Programs

Entrance to the Master and Doctoral programs require a minimum of a Bachelor degree. MBA applicants may apply without a Bachelor degree if they hold significant business experience. Monarch provides a 20% reduction in fees to applicants from OECD developing countries. Note that as a private institution that does not receive support from government agencies Monarch cannot offer additional financial support beyond the 20% reduction in fees. All additional financial support must be found external of the school. Also, Monarch does not assist applicants in sourcing additional funding. The Master & Doctoral Program application form is found below.

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