Faculty News

Socially Responsible Digital Leadership: A Framework For Digital Organizations

In the digital era, the level of interdependencies and integration for the new work environment requires leadership in the digital era to develop and create long-term deliverables by challenging current leadership theories and models in the context of Digital Social Disequilibrium. The research paper examines the characteristics of a new Socially Responsible Digital Leadership (SRDL) framework that assists in explaining the influences and relationships of digital leadership, social leadership, social innovation and social capital on reaching a Digital Social Dynamic Equilibrium (DSDE).

Dr. Ntara Published by Emerald in the International Trade, Politics and Development Journal

Monarch Business School Switzerland is happy to announce that recent PhD graduate and faculty member, Dr. Caroline Ntara from Kenya, has published an article with the International Trade, Politics and Development Journal of Emerald Publishing. The article is entitled “The International Business Landscape: A look at paradigms, research gaps and new realities. The content of the article is a direct outcome of her dissertation work within the PhD program at Monarch.

Prof. Ochis Completes The IMTA Teacher Training in Bled

It is a pleasure for Monarch Business School to announce that Prof. Dr. Karina Ochis recently completed the 2022 IMTA Teaching Academy through CEEMAN in Bled, Slovenia. Prof. Ochis represented the interests of Monarch Business School at CEEMAN together with representatives from European Business Schools and
discussed the future of management and education.

Dr. Keller Paper Wins Two Awards At The 32nd Global Conference on Business And Finance in Hawaii

Monarch Business School Switzerland is proud to announce that Dr. Gary Keller, Professor of Management, has presented a paper entitled, “Examining if Grading Bias Exists in a Professor of Business� Courses – A Three-Year Analysis” at the Global Conference on Business and Finance (GCBF), Hawaii, USA. Proceedings, ISSN 1941-9589 (online). The paper won 2 awards including: Best in Session Award
and Outstanding Research Award.

Professor Focus: Dr. Ravinder Rena

Dr. Ravinder Rena holds the position of Adjunct Professor of Economics at Monarch Business School Switzerland. He is a distinguished scholar in economics, writer, editor, adviser and public intellectual with over 30 years of teaching and research experience in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and European continents. Dr. Rena holds a Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.A. in Economics from Osmania University in Hyderabad India. He also holds a B.A. and LL.B. from Kakatiya University in India as well as a B.Ed. from Annamalai University in India.

Post-Doc Morgan Clevenger Global Book Finalist At Academy Of Management

It is with great pleasure that Monarch Business School Switzerland announces that Dr. Morgan Clevenger, a Post-Doctoral Candidate at Monarch, has been named a finalist for Best Book Award in the Social Issues in Management Division at the Academy of Management. The book stems from his dissertation work as a PhD Candidate at the University of Missouri. The book is entitled: “Corporate Citizenship and Higher Education: Behavior, Engagement and Ethics” published by Palgrave MacMillan, 2019.

Monarch Welcomes Dr. van Ostende To The Faculty As Adjunct Professor For China Studies

It is with pleasure that Monarch Business School Switzerland welcomes Dr. Richard van Ostende to the faculty as Adjunct Professor and Head of Research – China Studies. Dr. Van Ostende holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Monarch Business School Switzerland as well as a Master of Philosophy in Business Research with distinction. He further holds a Master of Business Administration from Business School Netherlands and a Bachelor of Economics in Financial Services Management from Inholland University.

Dr. Kennedy Publishes “Brain Reboot” With Amazon

It is with pleasure that Monarch Business School highlights the latest book by Dr. Justin Kennedy. The book is titled, “Brain Reboot” and deals with creating happiness, performing better and being healthier. Dr. Kennedy is a Professor of Organizational Behavior. He holds a Doctor of Professional Studies with Monarch Business School Switzerland as well as a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology from Rhodes University, SA. He is also a member of the Psychological Society of South Africa.