Research: Natural Resources And Economic Development In Uganda

Countries in Africa have generally exhibited low levels of economic development and poor standards of living of citizens despite their enormous natural resources wealth (Atkinson & Hamilton, 2003). This tendency has been attributed to daunting challenges related to the exploitation of especially Africa’s extractive natural resources (Seedwell & Gladys, 2017). One of the significant issues is that the benefits accruing from exploitation of the Continent’s natural resources often do not flow through to the populace (Ayuk & Klege, 2017). However, the evidence presented in the literature on whether or not there exists a possible link between natural resources and economic development are mixed or inconclusive

Monarch Introduces A Fully Online Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Monarch Business School Switzerland is proud to announce the launch of the fully online BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration Program. The program consist of 15 modules focused on three main themes of: 1. Business Fundamentals, 2. Managerial Decision Making, and 3. international (Global) Strategy. The program is intended for international students and can be completed from any location. Graduates of the program receive the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Interested students may pre-register for the program below. The first module is scheduled to be available on 01-April-2020.

Monarch Welcomes Dr. van Ostende To The Faculty As Adjunct Professor For China Studies

It is with pleasure that Monarch Business School Switzerland welcomes Dr. Richard van Ostende to the faculty as Adjunct Professor and Head of Research – China Studies. Dr. Van Ostende holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Monarch Business School Switzerland as well as a Master of Philosophy in Business Research with distinction. He further holds a Master of Business Administration from Business School Netherlands and a Bachelor of Economics in Financial Services Management from Inholland University.

Doctoral Workshop Announced For Kloster Disentis in April 2020

Monarch Business School is happy to announce that the next Doctoral workshop will be held at the Kloster Disentis in Muster, Switzerland between Sunday April 12th and Wednesday April 15th, 2020. The Administration looks forward to welcoming all interested students. The cost of the workshop is 750 Euros including lodging if paid before 01-March-2020 and […]

Monarch Continues Its Kiva Support In Q4 2019

Monarch Business School is happy to make available the Kiva Micro loan report for Q4, 2019. Monarch continued its support of the Kiva network by expanding its loan to over 145 to entrepreneurs in developing countries with 84% going to females and 16% going to males. The major loans sectors include: agriculture, education and retail. […]

Student Focus: Mr. Lawrence Lee Professional PhD Program Candidate

Professor Lawrence Lee is a Professional Ph.D. Candidate. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Science in General Management from Indiana University in Indiana, USA. At present, he is a Professor at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and serves as the Associate Director of the Executive Master of Science in Insurance. He has also been a Lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic for studies in Insurance. Professionally, he has many years within the Insurance industry and was Managing Director as well as Chief Executive Officer at AON Hong Kong Limited. He is also a graduate of the Aon Senior Executive Program organized by INSEAD.

Research: Social Media Networks And Leadership Ethics In Healthcare

Social media has penetrated intrapersonal and professional communication, particularly among a younger generation of healthcare professionals and patients who have grown up in the digital age of communication. Social media tools provide a unique set of opportunities in healthcare, but with these new opportunities come a number of potential challenges. As health leaders navigate the increasingly complex world of social media, concerns have arisen regarding questions of ethics and professionalism and how the use of social media fits within the social contract between the medical profession and society. This article describes the changing parameters of professional conduct in digital environments and proposes a set of considerations and recommendations for health leaders to navigate this new frontier.

Kloster Disentis Workshop A Great Success

  It is with great pleasure that Monarch Business School announces the success of the 2019 Doctoral Workshop held in Muster, Switzerland at the very beautiful Disentis Abbey. The Kloster Disentis was founded in (circa) 720 AD and is dedicated to Saint Martin. The Abbey was even visited by Charlemagne in 800 AD when he […]

Dr. Julie Beardsell Returns To Monarch Business School

It is with great pleasure that Monarch welcome the return of Dr. Julie Beardsell to the faculty as Adjunct Professor of Digital Strategy. Dr. Beardsell was was founding member of the Academic Board, Dean Academic Standards and Professor of Digital Strategy at Monarch Business School Switzerland between 2010 and 2015. Dr.

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