BBA Registration For Sept 2023 Intake Now Open Full Scholarships Available

Set Your Future In Motion At Monarch Monarch is happy to announce that registration for the September 2023 Fully Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Management program is now open. Interested students may now submit their online application. 500 full scholarship positions are available. Monarch is proud to mention that through the generosity of …

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Fostering Economic Development Through School Reform Programs: A Case Study Of Central African Republic

The analysis of economic challenges in developing countries reveals several flaws and dysfunctions including (i) high rates of unemployment; (ii) rising inequality; (iii) disruption of major economic activities due to the pandemic; and (iv) low productity due to poor human capital development (UNICEF, 2021). To address some of these challenges, development efforts, including the Global Partnership for Education, the Malala Fund, and others, have been devoted to the implementation of education reforms to improve quality (Bruns, Macdonald, & Schneider, 2019; Ditlev-Simonsen, 2021). The emphasis on education quality emanates from the reality that it equips students with the necessary skills to enhance national competitiveness, reduce inequality within a country, and eventually foster economic growth (Callender & Dougherty, 2018; Ramirez, 2014).

Regional Innovation System Resilience in Developing Countries: A Case Study Of Ukraine

A resilient region is seen as one that continues to prosper and maintain economic stability in the face of inevitable shocks and disruptions that occur over time (Christopherson et al., 2010, p. 134). The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities, leading to increased innovation and competitive advantage, make such regions more attractive to businesses and investors by providing a stable environment in which to invest and grow. And, particularly, innovation systems at different levels (Rose & Krausmann, 2013) such as scientific communities of national academies of sciences are seen as key to developing regional resilience.

Dr. Barosum Publishes Chapter on Effective Employee Onboarding

Monarch is proud to announce that Dr. Mirielle (Miray) Barsoum has contributed in the 2nd edition of the Global Innovative Forefront Talent Management (GIFT)- Research and Publications Book Series (vol.2) with a chapter on Effective Employee Onboarding. The chapter entails a novel model developed to enhance the onboarding experience of employees in organizations and improve …

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Dr. Poem Mudyawabikwa Graduates The Doctor of Literature Program

Monarch Business School is happy to announce that Dr. Poem Mudyawabikwa has graduated the Doctor of Literature program. He completed the requirements with the submission of his dissertation entitled: “The Contextual Characteristics of the Negotiating Structure of the Governing Body of the International aLabour Organization”. Download The Dissertation Summary Here Download the Full Dissertation Here …

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Janine Zitianellis Publishes Book Chapter on Big Data Analytics Capabilities

Monarch Business School is happy to announce that PhD Candidate Janine Zitianellis from Cape Town, South Africa has recently published a book chapter on Big Data Analytics Capabilitites and Supply Chain Management. This comes on the heels of her recently conference presentation on Big Data at the Women�s Entrepreneurship & Leadership Annual Conference 2023 in Madrid, Spain in April 2023.

Werner Vermeulen Joins the PhD Program

Monarch Business School is very happy to announce that Werner Vermeulen has joined the PhD program. Mr. Werner Vermeulen is an experienced senior level Financial Engineer within the international asset management industry, with a demonstrated history of research, collaboration and working in writing code, building products and product features, design and implement software, to make …

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Mary Parker Follett: Management Thought Leader of the Early 1900s

Mary Parker Follett was born in 1868 in Massachusetts and was a management consultant, social worker, philosopher and pioneer in the fields of organizational theory and organizational behavior. Along with Lillian Gilbreth, she was one of the two outstanding women management experts in the early days of classical management theory. She was one of the first theorists to actively write about and explore the role people had on effective management.

CSR & Employee Affective Commitment: Saudi Communication Companies

The research explores the relationship between the different components of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee attitude and behaviour and their influence on Affective Organizational Commitment (AOC). The research focusses on the dimensions classified by Turker (2009) as targeting four types of stakeholders: social and non-social stakeholders, employees, customers, and government. The contemplated research will explore these issues at the individual level, where managers play a moral role in exercising effort to obtain socially responsible outcomes.