Miray Barsoum Awarded The 2023 ACBSP Leadership Award

Monarch Business School Switzerland is happy to announce that PhD Candidate Ms. Miray Barsoum has been awarded the ACBSP Student Leadership Award for 2023. Over the course of her PhD studies, Ms. Barsoum has been a strong supporter of Monarch assisting with many duties. She has been instrumental in operationalizing the Bachelor of Business Administration program as well as providing guidance on the development of the MBA Program.

Leadership Competencies On Employee Engagement in South African SMME’s

Employee engagement is critical in driving organisational success. Leadership styles, behaviours, and competencies are vital in shaping employee engagement levels. Organisations need engaged employees to achieve business growth, market share, and competitive advantage. In South Africa, small, medium, and micro enterprises drive economic development, contributing 39% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product and employing approximately 60% of the labour force. South Africa’s low employee engagement levels hinder effective decision-making, talent retention, productivity, and business expansion, affecting the performance and sustainability of small, medium, and micro enterprises).

Monarch Announces The Next Doctoral Workshop For Malta in April 2024

Monarch Business School Switzerland is happy to announce that the next Doctoral workshop will be held in Valette, Malta at the Grand Hotel Excelsior on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April, 2024. All graduate and Doctoral Candidates are invited to take part.Doctoral workshops are an integral part of the various Doctoral programs at Monarch and give provide the Candidate with the opportunity to review and perfect their research design in front of Faculty and fellow Candidate Scholars.

The Doctoral Workshop October 2023 A Wonderful Experience

The recently held Doctoral Workshop in Stansstad, Switzerland was a great success and wonderful experience for all who attended. Candidates from around the world and as far away as Dubai, South Africa and Canada attended. Each candidate had the opportunity to present their research and be critiqued by the faculty and fellow candidates.  The workshop …

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Outstanding Student Leadership Awards For 2023

It is with great pleasure that Monarch announces the recipients of the 2023 Doctoral Student Leadership Awards as Miray Barsoum and Konstantinos Maliakas. The announcement was made at the recent Doctoral Workshop in Stansstad, Switzerland. The students receive a frameable certificate as well as a crystal award to display in their study. Miray Barsoum – …

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The Factors Contributing to Effective Team Building: A Case Study of the UK North Sea Oil & Gas Drilling Rig Environment

Oil and Gas has been produced from UK reservoirs since 1967, and although the industry is past its peak, it remains an important contributor to the UK economy (Green & Keogh, 2000). UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) Production Efficiency (PE) and Well Delivery (WD) productive time is at 80%. This reflects continuing efforts by industry to improve operational efficiencies (Oil & Gas Authority, 2020). The 20% operational inefficiency in the UKCS is lost time and cost which could be invested to accelerate the energy transition to reliable renewable options that can be added into the energy mix. The HS&E Report (2022) notes that improvements in human performance and data sharing are important to tackle these inefficiencies.

Dr. Dirk Jonker Graduates The PhD Program In Entrepreneurship

Youth unemployment may pose the biggest future challenge to the alleviation of poverty. Oluwatayo & Ojo (2018) attribute the high African youth unemployment rate to inequality, exclusive economic growth, and youth marginalisation. The South African formal youth unemployment rate is reported to be at 55.2%, while the estimated youth underemployment rate is closer to 65% and, in some regions, 80% (Herrington & Kew, 2018; Trandingeconomics.com, 2019c). Despite the potential of entrepreneurship as a solution, there appears to be a paucity of knowledge regarding the essential components necessary to foster an effective entrepreneurial transition for teenagers.