Dr. Roy Bhikharie Publishes Article On World Sustainability With Cogent Social Sciences

Monarch is happy to announce the recently published article by PhD Alumnus Dr. Roy Bhikharie. His research focuses on the role of the UN on sustainability and questions the motives of the players and state-actors. involved in the organization.

The Research

Greed stimulates corruption, which promotes self-alienation, facilitates systemic failure, worsens inequality, and generates false pledges and divide-and-conquer policies. Despite the United Nations’ (UN) existence for much of a century, most countries continue to exploit and compete for cheap labor, causing poverty rates to climb. Most UN member states and other affiliated and international organizations have institutionalized bad governance, corporate abuse, and social injustice to benefit themselves, thus committing institutional crimes and aiding the global elite in a vicious conspiratorial cycle. The entire UN system has harnessed a mafia-like culture of power with impunity in intermestic affairs to control human experience and generate authoritarian paradigms. This in turn stimulates psychological captivity, irrational preferences, and negative herd behavior and divides nations both internationally and domestically. A literature-based transdisciplinary study was conducted to substantiate these assertions and to propose feasible systemic solutions that point toward humanistic paradigms by cultivating psychological freedom and implementing good governance. In this way, the related cognitive processes can be systemically and intermestically amended while resolving the structural weaknesses of the UN, eliminating inequality, uniting nations internationally and domestically, and developing a peaceful, just, and sustainable world order.

The Researcher

Dr. Roy Bhikharie is a graduate of the Doctor of Philosophy program at Monarch. He holds a MA in Cousilling Psychology from the University of East Georgia and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from North Eastern Illinois. Professionally, Mr. Bhikharie has held the position of CEO of NV Meelmaatschappij Molen Inc. He has also been a consultant for Deloitte & Touche Suriname. He has held the position of Chairman of the Suriname Manufacturers Associations (ASFA), has been the founder of the Association for Good Governance and Liberalization (ABBL) as well as Deputy President of the United Nations Association of Suriname.