The Factors Contributing to Effective Team Building: A Case Study of the UK North Sea Oil & Gas Drilling Rig Environment

Monarch is happy to announce the recent authorized research plan addressing the factors associated with effective team building within the environment of UK North Sea Oil & Gas drilling rigs.

The Research

Oil and Gas has been produced from UK reservoirs since 1967, and although the industry is past its peak, it remains an important contributor to the UK economy (Green & Keogh, 2000). UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) Production Efficiency (PE) and Well Delivery (WD) productive time is at 80%. This reflects continuing efforts by industry to improve operational efficiencies (Oil & Gas Authority, 2020). The 20% operational inefficiency in the UKCS is lost time and cost which could be invested to accelerate the energy transition to reliable renewable options that can be added into the energy mix. The HS&E Report (2022) notes that improvements in human performance and data sharing are important to tackle these inefficiencies.

Team effectiveness will continue to be relevant and important while there are teams of people collaborating to complete tasks (Tuckman 1965). The opportunity is to further explore what characterises effective team performance. The contemplated research will explore this topic by examining the intersection between learning, communication, and culture. The aim is to discover new elements of team performance that may help North Sea Upstream Teams to deliver more effective human team performance and data sharing. The research will attempt to develop a conceptual model or framework that better identifies the characteristics of effective team performance for North Sea rig teams. Finally, the research aims to provide recommendations for effective rig-team performance with North Sea relevance in the current climate.

The Researcher

Mr. Timothy Wigham is a Doctor of Business Administration Candidate. He holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business Cape Town. At present, he is the Head of Performance Improvement Coaching at EXCEED. He has worked with many international clients within the energy sector, including: Neptune Energy, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK, Total Energies UK, Centrica/Spirit Energy UK, bp Angola, Tullow and Aker Energy Ghana, Sasol Mozambique, and Conoco Phillips Malaysia. Mr. Wigham held the position of Captain in the Royal Marines and was a military observer in Georgia for the United Nations. He was also selected as a TEDx speaker in Aberdeen for 2021.