Dr. Barosum Publishes Chapter on Effective Employee Onboarding

Monarch is proud to announce that Dr. Mirielle (Miray) Barsoum has contributed in the 2nd edition of the Global Innovative Forefront Talent Management (GIFT)- Research and Publications Book Series (vol.2) with a chapter on Effective Employee Onboarding.

The chapter entails a novel model developed to enhance the onboarding experience of employees in organizations and improve the ROI of hiring new employees. “EFFECTIVE” is an acronym that presents the 9 elements that comprise an effective onboarding program for organizations.


Employee onboarding has become a mainstream practice in most organizations (Laurano, 2015). Successful onboarding has been positively correlated with improved employee performance, enhanced engagement, increased satisfaction, and reduced turnover and attrition rates (Meyer & Bartels, 2017). Onboarding programs need to be focused on facilitating the process of acquiring the technical and social skills necessary for new hires to become insiders and impactful contributors to the success of the organization (lynchm Buckner-Hayden, 2010). Most business research is based on input from the creators of onboarding processes in organizations. Limited research has been dedicated to exploring the lived experiences of new employees (Carlos & Muralles, 2022). This research was designed to determine the elements that constitute an effective onboarding process for organizations. Triangulation of data consisting of a review of the existing onboarding models in the literature, content analysis of current corporate practices, and fifteen in-depth interviews with newly hired employees was conducted. A phenomenological research methodology was employed to better understand the lived experiences of new employees within organizations as recommended by Moustakas (1994). Based on the methodology recommended by Yüksel and Y􏰯ld􏰯r􏰯m (2015), participants􏰰 descriptions were reduced to create core theme clusters that formulate the main elements of an effective onboarding program. A practical model was developed based on the results of the research analysis. The “EFFECTIVE” employee onboarding model presents a novel holistic practical approach that aims to optimize a new hire’s experience in an organization: Early Onset, Focus, Feedback, Expectations, Coaching, Tailored, Integration, Value-Added and Engagement.

About Dr. Barosum

Dr. Miray Barsoum holds the position of Director of the BBA Program and Professor of Marketing at Monarch Business School Switzerland. She is presently a candidate of the Professional PhD Program at Monarch. She holds a Master of Strategic Marketing from the London School of Business and Finance, UK, and an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management (MsM), the Netherlands. She is a Certified Marketing Analyst from UC Berkeley, USA, and holds a Certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University, USA, and a Certificate of Digital Marketing from the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School, Spain. Dr. Barsoum also hold a M.B.BCh Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery from Cairo University.

Professor Barsoum’s academic interests include Business Strategy, Management, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Economics, Business Research, Consumer Behavior and Entrepreneurship.

Professionally, Professor Barsoum is the founder of MethodZ, a business consultancy firm located in Cairo, Egypt. Prof. Barsoum also holds the position of Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo (AUC), and a Professor of Marketing, Critical Thinking, Positive Psychology and Social Sciences at Nile University (NU), Cairo. Previous to this, she was the Director of Marketing and Communications at Nile University. She also headed a Digital Marketing Agency, Raya Social Media, and was a business case writer for El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC) at the American University in Cairo.