CSR & Employee Affective Commitment: Saudi Communication Companies

Monarch is happy to announce the recent authorized research proposal addressing the relationship between CSR and Employee Affective Commitment as found in within selected communication companies in Saudi Arabia.

The Research

The contemplated research aims to explore the relationship between the different components of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee attitude and behaviour and their influence on Affective Organizational Commitment (AOC). The research will focus on the dimensions classified by Turker (2009) as targeting four types of stakeholders: social and non-social stakeholders, employees, customers, and government. These dimensions were either examined in previous research as one whole variable (e.g., Tziner et al., 2011) or focused on only one component of CSR (e.g., Roeck & Delobbe, 2012). It is claimed that different CSR components bring different types of social exchange and social identity processes, which influence employee attitudes. (Farooq et al., 2014). Therefore, examining CSR dimensions and the influence of each dimension on organisational commitment is important as it allows for a comparison between the outcomes of these dimensions and each dimension according to its effect on employee behaviour (Soliman et al., 2017). The contemplated research will explore these issues at the individual level, where managers play a moral role in exercising effort to obtain socially responsible outcomes.

Though several studies have discovered a direct relationship between CSR and AOC, they have not adequately explained the psychological mechanisms which link the organisation’s CSR initiatives to employee outcomes (Boadi et al., 2020; Prutina, 2016 & Brammer et al., 2007). Understanding the intervening mechanisms linking CSR to employee behaviour, especially organisational commitment, remains underdeveloped (Kim et al., 2021). A more profound understanding of the intervening mechanisms remains unexplored (Bouraoui et al., 2018). The contemplated research seeks to explore the intervening variables mediating the relationships between CSR and organisational commitment (OC). The research will also explore the intervening role of Organization Identification (OI), internal Motivation (IM) and employee trust as mediating mechanisms in the relationship between CSR and AOC.

In Saudi Arabia, the concept of CSR is relatively understudied compared to other parts of the world. The CSR concept is still developing and has yet to be well understood by Saudi corporations and society and is often confused with philanthropic activities. The contemplated research aims to bridge this gap and add a new dimension to CSR research in the context of Saudi Arabia (Barsoum & Refaat, 2015).

The Researcher

Mrs. Basmah Altuwaijri is a Doctor of Philosophy in Finance Candidate. She holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Management from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. Most recently, she has held the position of Faculty Member and Researcher at Department of Finance at King Saud University where she also held the position of Vice Chair of the Finance Department, Vice Dean of the Girl’s Center and Acting Vice Dean of the of the Business Administration College. Mrs. Altuaijri is an accomplished researcher and has been published several academic journals.