Werner Vermeulen Joins the PhD Program

Monarch Business School is very happy to announce that Werner Vermeulen has joined the PhD program.

Mr. Werner Vermeulen is an experienced senior level Financial Engineer within the international asset management industry, with a demonstrated history of research, collaboration and working in writing code, building products and product features, design and implement software, to make big data-driven decisions to ensure effective outcomes.

Currently responsible for the successful launch of a quantitative fund on the QuantConnect Organizations layer. He works to integrates mathematical, statistical, computer science, data science and machine learning skills to solve market-driven, real-world financial challenges such as securities pricing, algorithmic trading, optimizing portfolios, and hedging risks, implementing and calibrating models in C#, R and Python, and using his critical thinking skills to interpret and apply them. He holds trong finance software and data engineering professional skills in financial data modeling with multiple peer reviews articles. His interest lie in research and implementation of the latest technologies.

He holds a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering from WorldQuant University in the USA as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate from the Edinburg Business School. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa. Professional, Mr. Vermeulen holds the position of Financial Engineer at QuantConnect. Previously, he held the position of Financial Engineer at WorldQuant. He is a Chartered Financial Data Professional and a member of the International Wealth Management, Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment.