Doctoral Graduate Pramela Nair Panthallor Publishes Dissertation With Springer

It is with great pleasure that Monarch Business School announces that Doctoral Graduate, Dr. Pramela Nair Panthallor, has recently published her doctoral dissertation with Springer. Dr. Panthallor worked along with her dissertation supervisor Dr. Hassan Qudrat-Ullah in preparing the manuscript for publication. The name of the book reflects the original title of the dissertation: “Operational Sustainability In The Mining Industry”. Monarch would like to congratulate Dr. Panthallor on her work and being published. We look forward to seeing her career as a researcher and professor continue to evolve. We also thank her for providing an excellent example to her fellow doctoral student colleagues on how to produce quality work.

This book broadly explains the requirement to focus on core components in a business and provides a case study of open-pit mining operations throughout the book to understand the management perspective of large organizations. With globalized approaches of large businesses and the rising requirement of understanding the needs of modern organizations, it is necessary to focus on key areas of businesses to ensure sustainability of operations. Organizations look to achieve a high return on investments and short-term measures in increasing sales or revenue is considered unsuitable. It is a necessity to look for sustainability and continuous methods of innovation to boost efficiency.

This book provides a case study based on large organizations and uses qualitative methodologies where data was collected using in-depth interviews of respondents from various mining companies in the top and middle-level management from different parts of the world, detailing the state of the art of information systems currently used in large scale open-pit miming (LSOPM). This book provides a sound knowledge of cutting-edge factors to the reader for managing the business to attain operational excellence and long-term sustainability, and caters to a broad spectrum of management and technical readers.


Dr. Panthallor completed her Doctoral study in Business Research from Monarch Business School, Switzerland, her MBA from Sikkim Manipal University, India, and her B.Eng. in Computer Science from Orissa Engineering College, India. She was awarded a distinction for her doctoral thesis work and was chosen through peer & student evaluations for an award of Most Excellent Lecturer (2016-17) for outstanding teaching efforts. She has more than 8+ years of experience in teaching undergraduate courses in International Business, Software Engineering, and Computer Science & Engineering.

Dr. Qudrat-Ullah is a professor of decision sciences, at the School of Administrative Studies, York University, Canada and Monarch Business School Switzerland. Dr. Hassan has over 20 years of teaching, research, industry, and consulting experience in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Norway, UK, Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. His research interests include dynamic decision making, interactive learning environments, system dynamics, and energy policies. His research has appeared in Energy Policy, Energy, Simulations & Gaming, International Journal of Management and Decision Making, Journal of Decision Systems, Telecommunication Systems, International Journal of Technology Management, Decision Support Systems, and Computers & Education. Hassan has also published eleven books and over 100 refereed article in journals and conference proceedings.