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Monarch on TED highlights the great work of Monarch students or professors who appear on the TED Talk series. Monarch is proud of the efforts of these contributors. We look forward to more TED appearances.

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Professor Kennedy : Your Brain Is A Selfish Democrat


This talk was given at a local TEDx event. Justin James Kennedy is a neuroscientist, research psychologist and executive coach. He combines all three disciplines in this entertaining TEDxJohannesburg 2014 talk. He makes the point that as Homo sapiens, our democratic reflex is first and foremost a selfish need. The question is, can we train our brains to be less selfish and more Ubuntu? After completing a Bachelor Social Science in Psychology at Rhodes University, Professor Justin Kennedy spent 20 years sustaining a corporate career that spanned three continents. Kennedy then earned his PhD in Professional Studies at the UGSM-Monarch Business School in Switzerland. He is now a neuroscientist at the University of Pretoria, a research psychologist and executive coach with Sherpa Coaching South Africa.


Karina Ochis – PHD Candidate – The Olympics Of Life


Karina Ochis is a Dual PhD / Doctor of Applied Leadership Candidate. She is the CEO and Brand Master of KO by Karina Ochis, founder of Ana Karina Luxury Concept, serial entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker, brand and life coach. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Marketing from the Rome Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from The University of London. She also holds a Certificate in Digital Strategy from the Online Marketing Institute in San Francisco. Ms. Ochis is an author, CEO and coach. She has spoken at TEDx, Million Marketing Tour (London ? Charlotte ? Copenhagen ? Kiev), Women Speakers Summit Nigeria, Business Days, Elite Business Woman, The Woman, Romanian Academy of Economic Studies and several others. At present, she is CEO of Ana Karina Luxury Concept and of KO by Karina Ochis in Romania.