Post-Doctoral Candidate Dr. Shaid Rasool

It is a pleasure for the Administration to introduce Dr. Shahid Rasool, a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Business Ethics. He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Malaysia Sarawak as well as a Master of Science and MBA in Marketing from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Pakistan. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Math and Economics from the Bahauddin Zakariy University in Multan, Pakistan.

At present, he holds the position of Assistant Professor at Iqra University in Karachi and he sits as a Visiting Faculty at Quaid-E-Azam University in Islamabad. He holds an active membership at the Sha�oor Foundation for education and awareness as well as working as a Program Associate at the Society For Sustainable Development. He holds memberships in the International Society For Development And Sustainability and the International Social Marketing Association. He is a published academic with articles intersecting the areas of consumer innovation, brand recognition and compulsive consumerism.