Monarch Introduces The Dual PhD / DBA Program

Monarch Business School is happy to announce the introduction of the Dual PhD / DBA Program. The Dual Professional PhD / Doctor of Business Administration program represents an unique approach to management scholarship. It is specifically formulated to address the requirement of achieving the highest level of integration between the theoretical aspects of a PhD program and the applied nature of the DBA program. The program is meant for top consultants, practicing managers or academics who wish to ensure a well-rounded and holistic understanding of the nexus of management theory and practice. As an integrated program emphasis is placed on the ability of the Candidate to merge and synthesize theory with real world application to push the scholarship in both an academic and applied focus.

You May View The Detailed Dual PhD / DBA Program Information Page Here

Dr. Henderson, Dean of the Dual PhD / DBA Program

“The Dual PhD / DBA Combined program merges both theoretical aspects of the PhD along with the practical orientation of the DBA program to produce a more holistic approach to management scholarship. As such the program is the flagship program at Monarch. The program requires in-depth research on the scholarship within the chosen domain along with an exploration of actionable items addressing a real world managerial problem. The skill of the Candidate is brought to the fore by thoroughly exploring both these aspects and creating a fluid and seamless integration between the two. Graduates of the program are comfortable both within the academic and professional domains and can easily move between them demonstrating their skill with regards to theory and implementation. This creates higher personal and professional ability and worth which translates to greater opportunity within professional and academic careers.”