Research: The Delivery of Public-Private Partnership Projects: A Study of the Ghanaian Construction Industry

Public private partnerships have been adopted in the Ghanaian economic development agenda as a viable solution to meet the country’s infrastructure needs since 2000. The adoption has become significant in the reality of the shortage of government financial resources coupled with public sector inefficiencies. Following this, Ghana has made several attempts to practically reap the benefit of PPP under its infrastructure development. Unfortunately, there have been reports of massive failures in the PPP initiatives since 2000 by previous governments and reports on several challenges that are perceived to have deterred private investors from responding quickly to this need. Moreover, existing research literature on PPPs in Ghana show a lack in identifying, characterizing, analyzing and mapping the underlying factors that significantly influence the PPP outcomes. It is believed that PPP implementation can be improved by the development and implementation of a framework that exploits the relationship between the economic, social, cultural and institutional dynamics in the Ghanaian context. The contemplated research examines the above through an analysis of theories on governance, risk management and social justice. The main goal of the contemplated research is to develop a conceptual model or framework that better explains the characteristics of factors that impact the delivery of public-private partnership projects in Ghana.

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KYEI-Paul-Photo-150-175Mr. Paul Kyei is a D.Phil in Governance & Sustainability candidate. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering in Environmental Management from Aalborg University Denmark and a Master of Philosophy in Environmental Science from the University of Ghana. He also holds an Honors Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Ghana. At present, he is a research consultant at Novitek Solutions APS in Copenhagen.