Monarch ISIC Student Identity Cards Now Available

Monarch Business School Switzerland students may obtain Monarch co-branded ISIC Student Identity cards recognized by UNESCO by submitting the application form directly to ISICs off the Monarch LMS website. The ISIC card is know throughout the world and enables students to obtain discounts and utilize resources of many organizations. Apply and get your Monarch ISIC card today!

ISIC � Your Access to a World of Student Discounts The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognised student ID card. Since its launch in 1968, the ISIC card has helped over 40 million students to get the most out of their student life experience. 42,000 discounts. 125 countries. Need we say more? It�s all at your fingertips with the global proof of student ID. Whether you�re checking out Disneyland in Paris or a Broadway show in New York or just sit at home and shop great stuff on the internet. You�ll save hundreds – wherever your adventure takes you. Hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation, fashion, entertainment, museums, hard- and software, even travel insurance…ISIC got it all covered!

Monarch students can easily apply online through the Monarch Learning Management System. All you need is your ID, a valid proof of study and a passport photo. The ISIC costs CHF 20,00 and is valid for one year.