Student Focus: Hassan Al-Fardan

Mr. Hassan Al-Fardan is a D.Phil. Business Research Candidate. He holds an MBA from AMA International University Bahrain and a Post Graduate Certificate in Management and a BA from the University of Bahrain. At present, he holds the position of Head of Promotions and Conferences at the Oil & Gas Authority (NOGA). He is a dynamic professional with over 15 years of extensive experience in facilitating consulting projects and training programs in business, marketing, PR, and HR management.

Mr. Al-Fardan has also been a lecturer for Business & Marketing at AMA International University, Bahrain as well as at the Kingdom University. Since 1996 he has also been active volunteering with NGOs, such as, Bahrain Management Society (Board of Directors) and Bahrain Society for Training and Development as Public Relation Manger for their conferences and activities. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Management (UK), Royal Institute of Personnel Administration, RIPA (UK), and Institute of Leadership Management (USA).

Mr. Al-Fardan’s research focuses on knowledge transfer within business enterprises of Islamic societies as exemplified within the Kingdon of Bahrain. You may find his research proposal below.

Nationality: Kingdom of Bahrain
Education: D.Phil. Business Research, UGSM-Monarch, Switzerland
MBA, AMA International University, Bahrain
Post Graduate Certificate in Management, University of Bahrain
BA, University of Bahrain

Download Mr. Al-Fardan’s Research Proposal Here