Dr. Kennedy To Present At Neuroscience Conference University of Pretoria

It is with pleasure that the University announces that Dr. Justin Kennedy, Regional Dean for Africa will be presenting his paper entitled, “Comparison of Benefits Gained From Hand-Held Neuro-Biofeedback Technology for Improved Achievement in Teenage School Students over Exam Periods in South African Private Schools” at the Neuroscience Conference May 9th, 2013 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.



The goal of this study compared four neuro and biofeedback technologies for enhancement of cognitive capabilities (concentration and a focus) in senior high school student populations. (i.e. StressEraser, EmWave, Respirate, Alpha-Stim and FirstBeat technologies). The sample population comprised of 29 students in senior high school for aged 15-18 years, devised in four groups of students using: a) Respirate; b) StressEraser; c) emWave d) Alpha-Stim. All technology measures the neuro-cardiology via Heartbeat Variability (HRV) and intended to all activate the students Cognitive Attention Network, along with HRV to influence the stabilization of autonomous central nervous system. The Type D psychometric test was used with all students.

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