Monarch Student Paper In IJSER Journal

It is with pleasure that Monarch Business School Switzerland announces that Doctoral Candidate Yusuf Nulla, completing his dissertation work under the supervision of Dr. David Bevan is to be published in the International Journal of Science and Engineering Research for his article entitled, “The Accounting Relationship Between CEO Cash Compensation and Firm Size in TSX/S&P Companies.” The article will be published in the July 2012 Edition. Below you may find an abstract of the article.

The Administration of the University would like to congratulate Mr. Nulla and Dr. Bevan on their research collaboration and we take the opportunity to reiterate the importance of close working relationships between supervisors and candidates which is the main ingredient to producing high quality research, as demonstrated here.

Article Abstract:
This study investigates the relationship between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cash Compensation and the Firm Size in the TSX/S&P index companies from the period 2005 to the period 2010. The totaled of the one hundred and twenty companies were selected through the stratified sampling method from the TSX/S&P index. The total sampling population was divided into three groups: the ?Small?, the ?Medium?, and the ?Large?. The research question for this study: “Is there a relationship between the CEO Cash Compensation and the Firm Size?” To answer this question, sixteen statistical models were created and accordingly sixteen attestations were performed. Overall, all the attestations results were found to have the relationship between the CEO Cash Compensation and the Firm Size. The correlations among the sub-variables of the CEO Cash Compensation ? Salary and Bonus, and the sub-variables of Firm Size – Total Sales and Total Number of Employees, were found to be ranged from weak negative to strong positive ratios.

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