GreekMBA-Class-2015-BThe Monarch Executive Leadership Greek MBA is an 18 month program for experienced managers wishing to enhance their managerial capacities. The program is structured around six themes each taught through intensive on-site modules with online preparation. The program campus is in Athens adjacent to the Acropolis.

Aim Of The Program

The aim of the program in to enhance the professional capacities of the participants by minimizing disruption of the work routine while utilizing the managerial experience brought to the classroom, both physical and virtual.


The program is delivered in the Greek language and has been adequately adapted to reflect the peculiarities of the Greek business environment without neglecting the international dimension of management in the age of globalisation. Between modules delivery participants are required to work on the respective module assignments and actively participate in team building exercises, presentations and social events. The program modules include:

  • Module 1 Orientation – Leadership – Human Resource Management
  • Module 2 International Business Environment – International Relations – Comparative Culture
  • Module 3 Ethics – Sustainability – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Module 4 Accounting – Finance – Business Evaluation – Real Estate
  • Module 5 Marketing – Social Media – Supply Chain Management – Virtual Enterprise
  • Module 6 Business Strategy – Capstone Integration

Director Focus

Dr. Christos Antoniou, Greek MBA Program DirectorThe Greek MBA program enables the Candidate to develop the required managerial skills for the globalized world. Taught in Greek with an emphasis on the Greek experience in business the program brings in international content in order to broaden the Candidate’s understanding of the issues that matter. Ethics underpins the program along with its own specific module. The outcome of the program is the graduation of Candidates that are ethically centered and ready to integrate their new business knowledge in a strategic way.

Dr. Christos Antoniou – Program Director


Upon successful completion of the 18 month-long program participants will be awarded their degrees directly from Monarch Business School Switzerland. The degrees obtained through the Athens-based delivery of the program are equivalent to other Monarch degrees.


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