May 2014 Symposium To Be Held At Rapperswil Castle

The University is proud to announce that the next Doctoral symposium will be held between May 5th and May 8th 2014 at the historically significant Rapperswil Castle on the shore of Lake Zurich in the Canton of St. Gallen.

The castle is a Swiss heritage site of significant importance. It history dates back to as early as 1220 AD. The castle was built by Count Rudolf II and his son Rudolf III. In 1350 the castle was destroyed in fighting between Zurich and Rapperswil, however, it was rebuilt by the Duke of Austria in 1354. The castle itself forms a triangle with each corner reinforced with a tower. There is also a 5 sided clock tower which houses 3 bells and a sun dial. The grounds include a deer park and a rose garden along with walking paths.

Candidates wishing to attend the Symposium must inform the administration as soon as possible as availability is limited to 25 students. Moreover, accommodation will have to be reserved well in advance in order to be secured.

You may see photos of the Castle below as well as many more including the village at this link!

The Castle Wall
Inside The Main Courtyard
Entrance To The Courtyard
One Of The Corner Towers
Inside The Courtyard
View From The Foot Causeway
View Of The Deer Park
Castle View From The Ramparts
The Castle Wall - Ramparts
The Castle View From Behind
The Vine Garden
The Harbour And Rapperswil Castle