After Being In Coma What I Learned From A Buddhist Monk

After recovering from a coma, I finally completed a Ph.D. But only years later, when I learned about what an emotion really is, was I able to control how I felt. A chance meeting with a Thai Monk on a beach in Dubai (where I also met my wife) completely reshaped my feelings about my own emotional brain.

Almost to the day, 21 years ago I went into a coma from a road accident. After a long recovery, and re-learning to walk and talk again, I became fascinated with the brain and this led me to research neuroscience. The full story of my recovery is detailed in a book I finished last year, but the key theme is about the emotional brain.

In between the coma and the book, I have learned some amazing brain hacks from my friend the Thai Buddhist Monk, Punnadhammo. My journey into neurological recovery was—well, how can I say this best—yes, it was emotionally exhausting. The emotional skills were surprisingly much more difficult than learning to walk and talk again after being in the coma.

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About The Author

Dr. Justin Kennedy holds the position of Professor of Organizational Behavior at Monarch Business School Switzerland. He holds a Doctor of Professional Studies with Monarch Business School Switzerland as well as a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology from Rhodes University, SA. He is also a member of the Psychological Society of South Africa. Dr. Kennedy returned to the academic field after a 20 year international corporate career in Ireland, New York and South Africa.