I Hate My Job – Vumile Msweli – Monarch on TEDx

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I Hate My Job – Vumile Msweli

In this video Vumile Msweli speaks about having purpose in your choice of jobs in order to find true happiness in your career and life. She highlights how too often we simply accept which ever job comes our way whether due to youth, inexperience or circumstance and that we must have awareness as to what type of career and life we wish to build and make deliberate choices to realize our dreams.



Ms. Vumile Msweli is a Doctor of Leadership and Coaching Candidate. She holds a B.Comm. in Accounting from the University of Pretoria and a B.Comm. in Finance from the University of Johannesburg. She also holds an MBA from the University of London. She has also completed the International Executive Development Program at the New York University & GIBS South Africa. Professionally, Ms. Msweli is an Executive with experience in finance and telecommunications.