Research: Evaluating Organizational Knowledge Transfer In The IT Industry

Organizations are continuously faced with various challenges. One particular problem is related to the retirement or brain drain of some of their essential human resources resulting in the loss of critical knowledge. Knowledge is regarded as one of the principal sources of innovation for organizations to remain competitive and create sustainable progress. Essential steps for the organization to augment their knowledge base is knowledge integration, knowledge preservation and knowledge utilization (Kabir, 2015).

The research will be concluded through the connection of three crucial domains, specifically knowledge management theories, human resource theories, and communication theories. The objective is to develop a new framework or model to include programs and other methods to better prepare organizations for the imminent loss of a company’s critical knowledge value, as well as how best this essential intellectual information can be preserved for the long term sustainability and competitiveness of the corporation. Furthermore, the above will be researched utilizing a triangulated research method by reviewing existing scholarly literature, through the analysis of the company’s information along interviewing of key stakeholders from South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

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About The Researcher


Mr. Konstantinos Maliakas is a Doctor of Business Administration Candidate. He holds a Master in Project Management from the University of Liverpool. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in technology & Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Athens. He is an Accredited Member of of the Project Management Institute as well as a Certified project Manager. At present, he holds the position of Senior Strategy Business Consultant at McManus Consulting in South Africa. Previous to that, he was the Director of Portfolio Management at Emirates Advance investments in Abu Dhabi.