Research: Teentrepreneurship: A New Entrepreneurship Framework For At-Risk Teenagers In South Africa

South African youth are facing an employment crisis. The deficient national education system and lack of skills development are two of the major issues which are contributing to a high youth unemployment rate (Morris, 2018). The at-risk teenager communities are predominantly living in poverty amidst various other social ills (Pijoos, 2019). The positive impact that entrepreneurship may have on communities is significant, hence the suggestion that entrepreneurial intervention at an early age can enhance the socio-economic empowerment of teenagers (Crown, 2019; Korosteleva & Stepien-Baig, 2020).

The purpose of the contemplated research is to introduce the concept of Teentrepreneurship as a field of study and to construct an entrepreneurship framework that could potentially assist to educate, encourage and empower teenagers to develop as entrepreneurs. The contemplated research will focus on at-risk teenagers in South Africa and will incorporate aspects of entrepreneurship education, enterprise creation, business development, mentorship and focus group dynamics in pursuit of socio-economic empowerment. Considering the limited research in this field, the envisaged framework could provide a distinct basis for discussion, critique and support to promote future research.

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About The Researcher


Mr. Dirk Jonker is a Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship Candidate. He holds an MBA from Stellenbosch University in South Africa as well as a B.Sc. Agriculture with Oenology and Viticulture. Presently, he holds the position of Regional Director for Swiss Eduglobe. He has been an active entrepreneur within the industries of wine making, banking, and construction.