Doctoral Candidate Karina Ochis Receives Honorable Distinction At The 16th HR Fingerprint Of Change Conference

It is a pleasure for Monarch Business School Switzerland to announce that Doctoral Candidate Ms. Karina Ochis was recently a keynote speaker at the 16th HR Fingerprint of Change Conference in Istanbul where she received an honorable distinction for her contribution to the event.

The 16th HR Fingerprint of Change Conference Website

The conference raised awareness about human competence, built greater relationships with HR experts and shared professional experiences. Leadership was discussed as an integrated experience that helps leaders of all four generations to understand how to harness their unique influence and elevate their impact as individuals, with teams, and in organizations. Delegates attending the conference were university Professors and Deans, members of the academia, Doctors in different domains, senior HR professionals and Directors within the HR space from various industry sectors.

In her speech, Ms. Ochis addressed the subject of her doctoral study being multi-generational leadership, Generation Z, conflict and power structures. She also talked about the issues emerging from the engagement of 4 generations in the workforce, personal branding as well as other HR advancements. The study was extremely appreciated and well received.

The Administration looks forward to more news of Ms. Ochis and her continuing research within the area of Human Resources.


Ms Karina Ochis is a Dual PhD/Doctor of Applied Leadership Candidate. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Marketing from the Rome Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from The University of London. She also holds a Certificate in Digital Strategy from the Online Marketing Institute in San Francisco. Ms Ochis is an author, CEO and coach. She has spoken at TEDx, Million Marketing Tour (London – Charlotte – Copenhagen – Kiev), Women Speakers Summit Nigeria, Business Days, Elite Business Woman, The Woman, Romanian Academy of Economic Studies and several others. At present, she is CEO of Ana Karina Luxury Concept and of KO by Karina Ochis in Romania.