Prof. Anastasiia Lutsenko Joins York University As International Visiting Research Trainee

Monarch Business School Switzerland is proud to announce that Doctoral Student and Associate Professor Ms. Anastasiia Lutsenko has been invited as an International Visiting Research Trainee at York University, Ontario, Canada. York University is renowned for its excellence in teaching, renowned academic scholarships and visionary research programs. York University and Monarch Business School Switzerland share a focus and dedication to high quality management and administrative research. Monarch looks forward to future cooperation with York University with the appointment of other graduate researchers. Prof. Lutsenko will work on her research under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hassan Qudrat-Ullah.

Ms. Anastasiia Lutsenko is Ph.D. Candidate at Monarch Business School Switzerland. She holds Masters of Philosophy in Business Research from Monarch Business School, a Masters in Management with Honors and a Bachelor in Management with Honors from the National Technical University of Ukraine, the “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”. She has also held the position of Professor within the Business School for Research Orientation. Ms. Lutsenko is also the recipient of the 2015 Monarch Student Leadership Award.

York University is the 2nd largest university in Ontario, 3rd largest in Canada with 200+ university partnerships across the globe and an operating budget of over $1 billion. The University has 46,400+ undergraduates and 5,900+ graduate students, 7,000+ faculty and staff, 295,000+ alumni and 6,200+ international students from 178 countries.