Assessing Measurement Quality: Reliability & Validity

The Research

In this article, assessing measurement quality is closely reviewed. Aiming addressing the goals of the present work, quantitative method has been used. More specifically, the Likert scale questionnaire based on the existing scales was developed and the online survey has been conducted in order to collect the required data. As a part of the nomonological network validity check, three types of validity were tested. Namely, those were content, construct and criterion validity. Apart from that, internal consistency reliability method has been used for the present research. The SPSS software has been used for the analysis. And, the following reliability coefficients were tested: Confidence Interval, Cronbach’s Alpha and Guttman’s Lambdas.

The Researcher

Prof. Anastasiia Lutsenko is Ph.D. Candidate at Monarch Business School Switzerland. She holds Masters of Philosophy in Business Research from Monarch Business School, a Masters in Management with Honors and a Bachelor in Management with Honors from the National Technical University of Ukraine, the “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”. She has also held the position of Associate Professor within the Business School for Research Orientation. Ms. Lutsenko is also the recipient of the 2015 Monarch Student Leadership Award.