New Candidates Welcomed At Monarch

Please join the Administration in welcoming the latest Master and Doctoral Candidates to the school. We wish them the very best in their studies and hope that their time at Monarch is special in every way. With each new student the Monarch family grows stronger.

The Administration


BAZ-Ghadah-Photo-150-175Ms. Ghadah Ben Baz is a Doctor of Applied Leadership & Coaching Candidate. She holds a Master in Healthcare Management from the University of Minnesota, USA and a Bachelor of English from King Saud University. Professionally, she holds the position of General Secretariat-Board of Directors for Medical Riyadh Cities and Specialized Hospitals at MOH. She is also the recipient of numerous awards including the 2012 recipient of the Cella Woman Empowerment Foundation award for women who have been able to break through the glass ceiling at government positions.


MONOKANDILOS-Orest-Photo-150-175Mr. Orest Monokandilos is a Doctor of Economics & Finance Candidate. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Saint Cloud University Minnesota, USA as well as a Bachelor of Science in Applied Math from the University of Latvia. He also holds a CFA designation. Professionally, he holds over 12 years of experience managing global financial risks and trading derivatives. At present, he is a consultant/researcher for Trade Wise Capital LLC in San Fransisco and Latvia.


RATHNINDE-Anu-Photo-150-175Mr. Anuruddha Rathninde is a D.Phil. in Leadership Candidate with over 15 years of global management experience. He holds a Master of Global Management from Thunderbird University-USA, an MBA from Kelley School of Business-USA, a M.Sc. in Mechatronics Systems from the National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. At present, Mr. Rathninde is the Vice President of the Automotive Products Group of Johnson Electric in Switzerland. Previously, he held the position of Managing Director for Global Transmission Management Systems for Delphi Corporation in Troy, MI, USA.


PUTRI-Seprianti-Eka-Photo-150-175Mrs. Seprianti Eka Putri is a D.Phil. in Marketing Candidate. She holds a M.Sc. in Management in Marketing and Undergraduate degree in Management from the University of Bengkulu. At present, she is a lecturer in the Faculty Economics and Business Department of the University of Bengkulu Indonesia. She is a well published and researched academic.



OJEAGBASE-Ohio-Photo-150-175Mr. Ohio Ojeagbase is a Doctor of Applied Management Candidate. He holds an MBA from the University of Lagos and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry form the University of Benin. Professionally, Mr. Ojeagbase holds the position of Consulting Director at Emilomo & Rohack Resources Ltd. in Nigeria.



OBIKAONU-Pauline-Photo-150-175Dr. Pauline Chimuru Obikaonu is a Doctor of Applied Leadership and Coaching candidate. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Abuja in Public Policy. She also holds a Master of Information Management from Ahmadu Bello University, a M.Sc. in Industrial Relations from the University of Lagos and a Bachelor of Library Science from Imo State. Professionally, she holds the position of Manager within the Research Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria.



ELITCHY-Laetitia-Photo-150-175Ms. Laetitia Elitchy is a Master of Applied Management Candidate. She holds a Bachelor in Leisure and Tourism from the Ministry of Education of the Ivory Coast. At present, she holds the position of Executive Administrator at the Center For Newcomers in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada.