Dr. Keller Wins 2012 IBFR Research Award

It is with great pleasure that we mention that Dr. Gary Keller, Professor of Management at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland, and recipient of the 2011 Monarch “Teacher of the Year Award” has won the Outstanding Research Award presented by The Institute for Business and Finance Research for his paper entitled: “A Review and Assessment of ‘Amenity Conflict’ Between Urban Port Facilities/Communities in Australia (1999-2010)”. The paper was presented at the Global Conference on Business and Finance. The conference was held in May 2012 in San Jose, Costa Rica. The paper will be published in January 2013 in a publication of The Institute.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Keller for his continuing high quality academic research and achievements. These help to demonstrate to all doctoral candidates the level of achievement that may be attained when diligent effort and focus are placed on academic training. Again congratulations Dr. Keller for the tremendous work!