Dr. Beardsell Attends CIO Summit A’dam

Dr. Julie Beardsell, Professor of IT Strategy and Member of the Academic Council at Monarch Business School Switzerland, represented the University at the CIO Summit held on 1 February in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Over 100 participants took part in this unique event which focused on the subject of ?The CIO of tomorrow?. A mix of local and international speakers was on stage, including Crawford del Prete, IDC Boston, Dr. Peter Wilton, University of Berkley, California, and Rick Bakken of Microsoft.

Dr. Beardsell was quoted as saying, ?The event included some excellent speakers and interesting discussions about the future role of the CIO; particularly how CIOs need to become more strategic, which is especially challenging due to the operational demands of the role. This was a successful event with plenty of good content to think about.?