Dr. Tonsberg – Professor of Leadership

For centuries, leadership has remained at the forefront for survival for individuals and organizations. Leadership studies intend to cultivate critical thinking processes that endure during periods of organizational change while in the midst of crisis. Advancing leadership knowledge provides effective and efficient strategies to achieve desired outcomes through maximizing available resources. Therefore, solidifying strengths as a leader and establishing a role within the change process is critical.


Dr. York -Professor of Leadership

The study of leadership is the beginning of an introspective examination towards getting to “know thyself” in order to articulate and embody a personal philosophy of self-development and leading others. In addition, it is also an essential attribute towards developing resilience during times of difficulty. Research within the domain of leadership is multi-disciplinary and therefore can be used to enhance comprehension in the following areas: Health Care Administration, Organizational Behavior, Political Science, Governance, Information Technology, Business Philosophy, General Management and Entrepreneurship.