Dr. Nag

Dr. Barin N. Nag, Ph.D. holds the position of Professor of Information Technology. Dr. Nag has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering from the University of Calcutta (Kolkata) in India, and a Ph.D. in Management Science & Information Systems from the University of Maryland at College Park in the USA. He has worked in industry as an engineer in an electronics manufacturing facility, at times playing leadership roles in design engineering and quality management. He has also worked as a senior research analyst in Washington, DC, in software simulation research on policies for reporting and debate in the US Congress.

He has been in academics for over 25 years teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses covering a wide range of topics in the broad areas of Operations Management and Information Systems. He has advised and guided a number of student research papers and doctoral dissertations. He has over 20 research publications in leading journals including: European Journal of Operational Research, Decision Support Systems, Decision Sciences, and Journal of Management Information Systems. He is the author of a comprehensive text on Operations Management and is now working on his second title in Information Systems. He is also a member of the review panels and editorial boards of a number of leading journals. His research interests are diverse within the general areas of Operations Management and Information Systems, including topics such as: Decision Support Modeling and Systems, Multi-Agent Systems and Trading in e-Procurement, Business Intelligence, Human-Computer Interactions and Business Performance, Routing and Scheduling Models, Genetic Algorithms, Data Mining Applications, Supply Chain Management, Production and Inventory Management, Logistics and Optimization, Manufacturing and Service Systems Optimization. He remains always open to new ideas for research.

He is an active member of INFORMS and IEEE, participating in the activities of the local chapters and in attending the national and international conferences, with active participation in the special interest groups. He is a former Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Section of INFORMS, and a former Board member of the INFORMS Computing Society. He is also a former Assistant Executive Director of POMS, the Production & Operations Management Society.

Academic Positions Held
  • Professor of Information Technology, Monarch Business School
  • Professor Towson Univerity, Dept. E-Business
  • Visiting Professor, John Hopkins University
  • Visiting Professor, University of Maryland
Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D. in MIS, Univerity of Maryland
  • M. Tech in Telecommunication Technology, University of Calcutta
  • B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering, University of Calcutta
Awards And Honors
  • Professor of the Year 2013-2014, Monarch Business School Switzerland
  • NASA Research Grant for work on Intelligent Agent Communities Grant Number NGC 435
  • NASA-ASEE Summer Research Fellowship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • College of Business and Economics Scholarship Award, 2002.
  • Citation of Excellence: by ANBAR for the article “Performance of Evaluation of Neural Network Decision Models”, Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Research Grant: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for work on Orbit Determination Automation (Study on Flight Dynamics control of spacecraft)
  • Recipient, New Technology Grant Award, (for work on Group Decision Support Systems)
  • Recipient, New Technology Grant Award, (with B. Jain, for work on Neural Networks)
Main Academic Interests
  • Decision Support Modeling and Systems
  • Multi-Agent Systems and Trading in e-Procurement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Human-Computer Interactions and Business Performance
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Data Mining Applications / Data Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management/ Production and Inventory Management
  • Logistics and Optimization / Routing and Scheduling Models
Professional Positions Held In The Past
  • Senior Research Analyst, Association of American Railroads
  • Engineer, Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing, Philips India Ltd. Consultant to Automobile Association of America, Washington, DC, on Marketing Research.
  • Consultant, Automobile Association of America, Washington, DC
  • Consultant, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, on Intelligent Automation of Spacecraft Operations
  • Consultant, World Bank, Washington, DC, on Information Technology and Logistics Development in Developing Countries
Associations And Memberships
  • Member, ACBSP-Accreditation Council For Business Schools & Programs, USA
  • Member, INFORMS-Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences
  • Member, Decision Sciences Institute
  • Member, Production & Operations Management Society
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Member, Institution of Engineers, India
  • Chartered Engineer, India
  • Member, Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Managing Operations in Manufacturing, Services, and e-Commerce (19 Chapters, 4 Supplements) – (Operations Management textbook with focus on technology in modern operations and supply chain, globalization of operations, and environmental sustainability) Linus Publications. Expected September 2010.
  • Intelligent Systems in Operations: Models, Methods, Applications in the Supply Chain – Editor, IGI-Global (collection of peer-reviewed research papers) June, 2010.
Research Articles
  • “Intelligent Simulation System for Supply Chain Event Management” (with D. Yao), Intelligent Systems in Operations: Models, Methods, and Applications in the Supply Chain, IGI Global, 2010.
  • “Mobile Wireless Patient Monitoring: Data Warehousing and Decision Support” (with M. Siegal, NIH), Handbook of Research in Mobile Business: Technical, Methodological, and Social Perspectives, IGI-Global, 2008.
  • “Improving E-Trade Auction Volume by Consortium” (with S. Hong and D. Yao) in Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Agent Technology, and Collaborative Applications, V. Sugumaran (Ed.), IGI-Global, 2008, 91-115.
  • “A Blackboard Agent Community Architecture in a Supply Chain Environment”, International Journal of Design, 1(1), 2007, 92-104.
  • “Modeling Agent Auctions in a Supply Chain Environment” (with S. Hong and D. Yao), International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies, 2007, 3(1), 14-36.
  • “An Experimental Investigation into the Effectiveness of OOA for Specifying Requirements” – (with E. Sim & G. Forgionne, UMBC) – Requirements Engineering, 2000, 5, 199-207.
  • “Performance Evaluation of Neural Network Decision Models” – (with B. Jain) – Journal of Management Information Systems, 1997, 14:2, 201-216. “Object-oriented Model Construction in Production Scheduling Decisions” – (with S. Pillutla) – Decision Support Systems, 1996, 18, 357-375.
  • “A Neural Network Model to Predict Post-Issue Operating Performance of New Ventures” (with B. Jain) – Annals of Operations Research, 1998, 78, 83-110.
  • “A Decision Support Model For Investment Decisions In New Ventures” (with B. Jain) – European Journal of Operational Research, 1996, 90, 473-486.
  • “Artificial Neural Network Models for Pricing Initial Public Offerings” (with B. Jain) – Decision Sciences, 26:3, May/June, 1995, 283-302.
  • “The Role of Neural Networks in Enhancing the Productivity of Financial Services” (with B. Jain) – Journal of Information Science and Technology, 1995.
  • “Automated Recognition and Composition in Dynamic Model Management” – (with H. Zhou) – Information and Management Sciences, 5:1, 1994, 57-73.
  • “A Model Management Solution System for Multicommodity Network Flows” – (with A. Lari) – European Journal of Operational Research, 71, 1993, 398-418.
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  • “Weighted Hamiltonian Augmentation Method Involving Insertions” – (with R. Dahl and others) – AIAA Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics, Sept.- Oct., 1988, 412-414
Publications of Proceedings
  • “Matching Auction E-Trades by Agents in Price and Quantity” – (with D. Yao) – Proceedings of DSI Conference, San Diego, 2010.
  • “Business Intelligence in a Mainframe Environment”, Proceedings of the Data Mining and Systems Informatics Workshop, INFORMS Annual Meeting, October 10, 2009.
  • “Mobile Telephone, Supply Chain Logistics, and India”, Proceedings of Indian Decision Sciences Institute International Conference, Bombay, Jan. 3-5, 2009.
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