Monarch Restates Its Opposition To Standardized Admission Testing

Recently with the advent of Covid-19 and additional stresses placed on many traditional institutions the role of standardized admission testing has come under increased scrutiny. A recent publication entitled “For the first time, major counseling group says it’s time to reconsider standardized testing in college admissions” reiterates the view that standardized admission testing is not reflective of the abilities of a candidate to be a success within a university program. Since its inception this has been the view and understanding of Monarch Business School. The article states:

“For the first time, the country’s largest membership organization of college admissions professionals has sharply distanced itself from the admissions testing industry, saying it is time to “rethink” whether it is fair to require students to submit standardized test scores on applications.”

“Educators and researchers have long debated the ability of SAT and ACT scores to predict how well a student will do in college.”

“Fonash said: ‘If we consider equity and fairness to be the cornerstone of all of our decision-making and our work on behalf of all students, then WE ARE RESPONSIBLE to advance the conversation about the value and ethical use of ‘standardized testing’ in college admission, to bring this incredibly important matter to center stage among all college admission professionals, and truly to rethink the role of testing in the college admission process in partnership with institutions that have our students’ well-being at heart.’ “

Since its inception Monarch Business School Switzerland has held the informed opinion that standardized admission testing is generally not indicative of a graduate candidate�s potential. Standardized testing has limited use and could be harmful in analyzing the potential of students by reducing the admission decision to a specific third-party test. Furthermore, American and Euro-centric standardized tests could prejudice students from other cultural backgrounds.

In keeping with the Monarch mission and policy of diversity and inclusiveness standardized admission testing, such as GMAT and TOEFL, are not used and will not be used within the admission decision making process. The basis for admission in to the programs at Monarch is made based on the previous performance of the Candidate across their academic, professional and personal history.

Monarch will remain an Institution of Higher Education that is proud of its diversity and inclusiveness and will strive to ensure that going forward even when that view goes against the prevailing status quo.