Research: The Role of Mediation In Promoting International Trade And Investment

Resolving international conflicts between states is vital in facilitating the growth of international trade and development, and to encourage foreign investment across nations. The persistence of conflicts among nations has proved to be detrimental to economic growth and development for the parties involved in the conflict. Authors such as Kremeni?u?k (1991), Zartman (1999) and Bercovitch (2007) argue in favour of implementing conflict resolution techniques such as negotiation and mediation in resolving international disputes. The responsibility for implementing these techniques lies with the foreign policy makers and business leaders within nations to encourage the mitigation of conflict, failing which the nations would face setbacks in their economic output and eventually their overall international image. This would ultimately result in the absence of a potent scenario in which international trade and investment can flourish.

Though there have been various studies that have linked negotiation and international trade and investment, there have been no in-depth researches that have been conducted which establish the role of mediation in the growth of international trade and investment. The contemplated research will focus on studying the relationship between mediation and international trade and investment. The contemplated research examines the above through an analysis of theories on conflict resolution, mediation, globalization, and international trade and investment. An attempt to construct a new conceptual model or framework that better explains the characteristics of the relationship between mediation and international trade and investment is the ultimate goal of the contemplated research. In particular, the contemplated research will examine these characteristics through a triangulated research approach including a literature review on conflict resolution, mediation, globalization and international trade and investment. This will be followed by analysis of data that would be obtained from interviews with selected individuals from the foreign policy makers, diplomats, academicians, historians and the business community.

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HUBAIL-Salman-Photo-150-175Mr. Salamn Hubail is a D.Phil. in Business Research Candidate. He holds a Master in Science in Management from Richmonds University in the U.K. along with a B.A. in English Literature & Education from the University of Bahrain. Mr. Hubail is a part-time Lecturer for Management and Human Resources at the AMA university in Bahrain. At present, he holds the position of Political Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain.