Dr. Al Fardan Publishes Book On Knowledge Sharing


It is a pleasure for Monarch Business School to announce that Dr. Hasan Al Fardan, Professor of Management, has published a book on Knowledge sharing with Lap/Lambert Academic Press, entitled “Shine Your Light: Knowledge Sharing In Bahrain”.



Unlike many cultures where individual aspirations and progress sabotage our wish to help others climb the career ladder, in Bahrain, it is in the blood to share knowledge with colleagues in our own closed groups. Managers and department heads in organizations can play more roles that are meaningful by shifting their mental frames to a more humane plane and elevating themselves to become motivating leaders, instead of playing mere administrative roles. Once this happens, it would encourage their immediate subordinates and junior employees to adopt collectivism behaviors. This will promote further knowledge sharing and make it part of our national work culture, helping us grow as one big family, rather than isolated clusters with random levels of skill sets.

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