Dr. Donn Pjongluck Joins Monarch As Director of Student Services Asia

It is with great pleasure that the University announces that Dr. Donn Pjongluck has joined the faculty as Professor of Management and Director of Student Services Asia. In his position as Director of Student Services Asia Dr. Pjongluck will be responsible for student recruitment in Asia. Dr. Pjongluck holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree, focusing on Strategic Management of SMEs and Family Businesses, from The Paris School of Business-Pole ESG in France. He also holds a M.Sc . in Technology Management from University of Manchester in the UK and an MBA in Logistics, Operations and Materials Management from George Washington University in the USA. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Assumption Univeristy?s BBA programme majoring in General Mangement, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Pjongluck has 18 year?s experience of teaching at leading academic institutions in South East Asia and has been recognized as one of the ?Top Ranked Senior Lecturer?, measured and voted by students of Bachelor and Master programs where he has served. He has been involved in curriculum and syllabus design and implementation at both graduate and undergraduate degree levels and has been actively involved in quality assurance and quality audit on academic assessment of the effectiveness of the programs offered by the universities.

Professionally, he holds the position of Regional Managing Director, SE Asia region, of Alchemy Business Development and Consulting Network UK and Chairperson of Baxter Brenton Coaching and Consulting Corporation in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Pjongluck is a dynamic coach and consultant with skills in collaborating with entrepreneurs and family businesses. He is a Personal Branding Strategist who supports companies in determining and communicating differentiation and consults on helping brands command premium status with effective positioning in the market place.

You May View Dr. Pjongluck’s Extended Biography Here