Dr. Peet du Toit Joins UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland

The University is happy to announce that Dr. Peet du Toit has joined the faculty as Professor of Neuroscience & Physiology For Workplace Health. He holds a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He also holds a M.Sc. in Microbiology, a B.Sc. Honors Microbiology as well as a B.Sc. in Physiology also from the University of Pretoria. At present, he is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria.

Dr. du Toit�s research focuses on the general health of employees in various sectors. The field of wellness assessment has burgeoned in the last decade as employers become more aware that a healthy employee is a productive employee. Health risk assessments are one of the methods used to collect data that allow for the identification and targeting of employee health risks. The purpose of employee health risk assessments is to provide diagnostic results and serve as a catalyst for health behaviour change among specific employees. When high, moderate and low risk employees are identified according to specific health risks it allows for a targeted wellness programme to be implemented within the company. Dr. du Toit has been involved in health and physical fitness testing, psychological evaluation and wellness evaluation for the SANDF-South African National Defense Force, SAPS-South African Police Services academies and other government departments.

Please join us in welcoming Professor du Toit to the University.

You May View Dr. du Toit’s Extended Biography Here