Doctoral Candidate Dionysios Solomos Published in Intereconomics

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Doctoral Candidate in economics, Dionysios Solomos, has been published in the journal Intereconomics of the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. His work has appeared in the Issue 5/2012 which is now online. The article focuses on EU governance reforms in light of the recent financial instability. The paper was completed under the guidance of Dr. Dimitris Koumparoulis. The Abstract of the paper is found below.

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This paper investigates whether the recent EU governance reform is a step in the right direction and discusses its ability to restore European financial stability. The authors argue that the reform appears incapable of dealing with the factors responsible for the sovereign debt crisis, and they stress the need for financial sector reforms and sound fiscal policies. To that end, the adoption of national fiscal rules seems capable of dealing with the profligacy of governments and tackling the problem of deficit bias. Regarding the introduction of the new Excessive Imbalance Procedure, this article argues that EU authorities should adopt a symmetric approach instead of the one currently being pursued.

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